Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (178): New Year Gift For Nigerians

New Year Gift For Nigerians

Egbon: Mazi Gburugburu 1, the Businessman wey sabi, how e be now

Mazi: Laugh.., you naa better person, you know say i no dey take Business play sake of say Money dey important

Egbon: My brother, money dey important o true true o, but dey try chop life abi you never hear say (cut in…

Mazi: Who tell you say i no like to dey chop life, the only thing naa say i no dey put enjoyment ontop work o, even Dangote still dey find money 

Egbon: E better as you even mention that Dangote, make i tell you the thing wey you no know ontop that man matter o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, naa when you turn Dangote P.A, anyhow sha, i dey hear you, naa wetin you know wey i know know ontop Dangote matter

Egbon: For some days now, naa Dangote matter dem dey talk ontop social media o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, naa wetin him do again, him don finish him refinery?

Egbon: Naa one lady first come out talk say Dangote be her before before Man friend o con talk say him break her heart, naso, another lady talk say she be the original Dangote girfriend

Mazi: Ahhhh, me i no fit believe that rumour o, Dangote naa very busy businessman, that news naa fake rumour, i no gree believe

Egbon: My brother naa as Dangote dey find money, him dey enjoy him life one side o, dey try chop life too

Mazi: Naa everything get him own time, time for Business dey, time for say make i chop life dey too, but you see that Dangote tory ehn, i no buy am

Egbon: E look like say the tory true o sake of say the lady even put picture wey she snap with Dangote ontop social media

Mazi: Taaa, no be this social media webi say dem fit use am do anything wey dem want, anybody fit carry Dangote head join another person body for inside photo now

New Year Gift For Nigerians
Aliko Dangote and his alleged side chick.

Egbon: So, you dey try talk say naa Photoshop the thing be bah?

Mazi: Gbam, me no dey believe that kind thing just like that o, make we commot for that matter talk another thing 

New Year Gift For Nigerians

Egbon: No wahala now, the true still fit come out later later

Mazi: You don hear the thing wey federal government do

Egbon: Shey the new job wey dem wan give people wey no get job for the country?

Mazi: No be that one i dey talk, naa the one wey dem do ontop electricity money i dey talk

Egbon: Ahhhh, i never hear that one o, dem don reduce the electricity money?

Mazi: If to say dem reduce am e for make sense now, i hear say dem don add 50% join the money wey naija people go dey pay for light

Egbon: Morire, which kind thing be this for early new year like this

Mazi: My brother, naso me self dey wonder when i first hear am o, but i bin dey think say dem no go increase am again o

Egbon: Nawa oh, i even dey think say naa that 774,000 job wey dem say dem wan start you bin wan talk about o

774,000 Jobs 

Mazi: Abeg, make i ask you o, naa which job dem wan carry give those people o and naa how much dem wan pay dem?

Egbon: Dem talk say dem go employ 1,000 people wey no get job for the 774 local government areas wey dey Naija, say dem go dey help control traffic, do cleaning maintenance plus some other jobs (read more here)

Mazi: E go con be like that N-Power own abi?

Egbon: I no think so o, sake of say dem talk say naa for three months dem go take pay dem the money, say naa 20,000 naira every month

Mazi: So naa wetin go con happen after the three months don finish?

Egbon: My brother, me self still dey wait make i know wetin go happen next o

Mazi: Tor, make we dey wait now, you no go do DNA for your children

Egbon: Laugh…. DNA kor, SSA ni, you think say naa chicken change dem dey take do the thing, again, me i trust my wife, i no need do DNA kankan

Mazi: Me self trust Mama Ebuka plus the fact say naa all my pikin look like my photocopy, make i con dey waka

Egbon: E go be now, take care

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