Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (170): Naa Which Wan Be NDLEA-SWAT?


Mazi: Oga Current Affairs abeg come explain dis thing wey i dey see ontop social media o

Egbon: See, dey try add some respect if you wan ask me something wey no clear to you sake of say e no easy make person current like me

Mazi: Laugh.. No be why i add Current Affairs be that abi which wan be this wan wey you wan dey feel yourself

Egbon: Abeg allow me feel myself o, anyways, nah wetting you see onto social media wey no clear?

Mazi: Naa this gist o, dem say some people wear Jacket wey dem write NDLEA-SWAT for highway, con dey check people phone join, I no understand that style o

Egbon: NDLEA-SWAT keh, nah which style be that one, shebi nah people wey dey carry drug NDLEA dey fight, why dem go dey check phone again


Mazi: I dey ask you sake of say I no understand am, you con dey ask me again, as you ask me now, who I wan ask

Egbon: Walahi, this country too funny, you get photo of the NDLEA-SWAT people onto your phone

Mazi: Wait make I show you the photo wey I see ontop internet o, ehn, see am o, nah dem be this o, abi nah fake officers dem be

Egbon: My brother, make I no lie you, this photo plus News shock me o. Naija people still dey complain say why dem change SARS name to SWAT, dem con add NDLEA join

Naa Which Wan Be Ndlea-Swat?
Official of the alleged NDLEA-SWAT Operative.

Mazi: I no understand again o, I just hope say this one no go cause another we no go gree for the country like this

Nigerians Defy COVID-19 Protocols 

Egbon: Make we dey wait if Police IGP go chuk mouth put for the matter, con see as people dey gum body for Lagos ontop this registration something o

Mazi: Gum body kwa, why people dey do like this now, why dem go dey gum body for this kind time now, dem don forget say COVID-19 still dey

Egbon: Mazi, the thing tire me o, dem say dem no wan make the registration close, make government no go block dem SIM cards

Mazi: But, I hear say Lawmakers don advise say make dem push the closing date for the Registration go February 2021, why people con dey rush again

Egbon: Naso meself hear o, at least, dem suppose know say e dey very dangerous to dey Gum body up and time for this kind time

Mazi: Small time now, nah this same people wey dey gum body go dey Complain if government announce another lockdown o

Egbon: I even hear say dem don do meeting for Abuja, say e possible make dem announce lockdown if people no follow the regulations wey concern COVID-19

Mazi: I no go dey surprise if dem announce another lockdown for Abuja o because people no dey obey the regulations, dem no go wear face mask, drivers self go dey carry plenty people for inside dem cars

Femi Adesina On Boko Haram Insurgency

Egbon: Hmmmm, but, another lockdown no go dey easy at o

Mazi: At all, shey you don hear the thing wey Femi Adesina talk onto Boko Haram?

Egbon: I never hear am o, wettin him talk

Mazi: Him talk say Naija people suppose clap for Bubu government ( cut in…

Egbon: Clap for Bubu government ontop wettin o?

Mazi: Him talk say the way wey Boko Haram dey Bomb don reduce, say e no be like before webi say nah from time to time Boko Haram dey Bomb

Egbon: That one naa true o

Mazi: I know say you go support him now sake of say Him nah your Brother

Egbon: No be so jare, I just reason am say true true, the Bombing don reduce but that wan no mean say I go clap for Bubu government sake of say nah dem promise say dem wan con do am

Mazi: I for fear, I bin dey think say you wan support the thing wey him talk ni

Egbon: Lai lai, I no go support wettin no follow (phone ring), ohh, nah my wife dey call me like this o, I wan dey go house, we wan gather go see our family Doctor

Mazi: I hope say no be wettin I dey think 

Egbon: Abeg think anything wey you wan think, we go talk later

Mazi: Ok o, stay safe o, help me greet your wife

Nigeria Police Force

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