Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (165): IPOB No Wan Carry Last

IPOB No Wan Carry Last

Mazi: Small, small, Naija go dey safe, naa this kind news dey sweet my Belle, no be the one wey one person go dey complain say government no put road for inside sky, government no do this, dem no do that (cut in…

Egbon: You no need do Bojuboju, no need for corner corner, kuku mention my name, naa you get your mouth, take am talk anything wey you like

Mazi: You wan beat me if i mention your name, if i no mention your name, you self, fill the gap now

Egbon: Naa you wey start am suppose finish am now, so Oga wey no like complain, wetin government do wey sweet your Belle now o, tell me make i hear

Mazi: No be government do am, naa people wey no say govenment no fit do everything arrange themselves do something wey make sense

Egbon: Ehn ehn, i really get interest for this thing o, so naa who be the people and naa wetin dem do

Mazi: Naa IPOB, dem don arrange Ogbonge security for South-East plus South-South, sake of say dem no wan make Criminals dey kill people anyhow for that side

IPOB No Wan Carry Last

Egbon: Ohhh, yinmu, naa copy copy dem they do, no be South-West Governors do am before IPOB go copy the thing, naa sake of say dem hear say Amotekun dey South-West dem con go dey do copy and paste

Mazi: If you like call am copy and paste, anything wey you like call am, the thing wey matter pass naa say, dem do the thing wey go make security stand well well for dem side

Egbon: Why you con dey hail government like say naa dem do am

Mazi: I no hail anybody, i just dey try talk say naa better something IPOB do and naa like that the country fit dey better, no be to dey complain

Update On Katsina Abduction

Egbon: I get right to talk wetin dey my mind, you no fit hold my mouth, the students wey dem Kidnap for Katsina, make i no chuk mouth put for that one ba, make i dey clap for government

Mazi: Who say make you clap, at least government don talk say dem dey ontop the matter and very soon dem go rescue the students

Egbon: Naa why Bubu no fit visit the school be that, and him dey for Katsina o, him no fit show say the thing touch him for body

Mazi: I don tell you say no be me be him talk talk person, the reason why him no go the place, naa him and him cabinet people Sabi that one

Egbon: You suppose know now, sake of say naa you be him cabinet member wey him no appoint

Mazi: Naa you sabi, if i see wetin i suppose clap ontop, i go clap and if i see anyone wey no follow, i go talk, no be to dey complain up and down

Egbon: Bubu fit even make you Chairman for Anti-Complain Agency as e be say naa you dey fight against Complain

COVID-19 Visits Army Generals

Mazi: I no get your time, see this tory o, dem say e pass 20 Army Generals wey don get COVID-19, naa true?

Egbon: My brother, naa true o, the second coming of this COVID 19 something no be joke o, even Sanwoolu don get am, naa to dey carry face mask plus sanitiser join body now o

Mazi: Before nko, me i no dey commot house if i no carry my face mask o and i no dey gum body anyhow, i no wan story wey touch body plus soul

Egbon: Naa true you talk o, make everybody just dey careful this period o

Mazi: Abeg, if you see where dem need person wey go supply dem face mask plus sanitisers in bulk, i get am o

Egbon: Naa every business you wan do?

Mazi: My brother, one road no enter market o, we go talk later, make i go attend to my customers

Egbon: Is ok o

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