Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (158): Boko Haram Fit Continue For 20 Years

Boko Haram Fit Continue For 20 Years

Mazi: If this tory wey i dey read ontop the Amotekun for Ondo naa true, we suppose commend them o sake of say e show say dem sabi the thing we dem dey do

Egbon: My brother, the tory naa Confirm o, me self don check am, dem say the Amoetekun people don arrest the suspects say kill Olufon of Ifon

Mazi: Tor, i no even know say you self don see the tory, we suppose carry Kudos give dem o, naa better something dem do and if dem fit dey do am like that e for make sense o

Egbon: For inside the tory self, i read say the Amotekun people rescue 3 people wey the suspected Kidnappers keep for inside the forest where dem take arrest dem

Mazi: Wonderful…. e make sense like that, where dem con keep the suspect like this?

Egbon: Dem dey for my house now, sake of say naa me be the Oga for the police wey dey for Ondo state, shey no be police station dem go carry dem go ni

Mazi: Ehn, how that question con cause fight like this, person go ask you simple question, you go dey do like say naa crime to ask question

Egbon: No be crime to ask better question

Mazi: Meaning say the question wey i ask no be better question, i go do my own back, shebi you go still ask me one of those Yeye question wey you dey ask

Egbon: Me i no dey ask yeye question and no be say i dey fight you, abi you see Boxing gloove for my hand ni

Mazi: Abeg, e don dey ok, make we leave matter for Marters

Boko Haram Fit Continue For 20 Years

Egbon: Mazi, come come check this News o, the Oga for Nigeria Military, Tukur Buratai talk say e possible make Boko Haram still dey attack for the next 20 years

Mazi: Naa lie, him no fit talk like that, why Buratai go talk that kind thing

Egbon: No be me write the tory now, naa wetin him talk dem write and naa wetin dem write i dey read give you like this, no addition, no subtraction

Mazi: Ewo oo, wetin him dey try talk now naa say the attack wey Boko Haram dey do no go stop very soon, Kai, this one strong o

Egbon: Naa very strong thing my brother, you see why this government matter dey tire me most times, make dem change the Security oga dem, dem no gree change dem

Mazi: This News weak everything for inside my body o, 20 years no be Beans o

Egbon: Even the Sultan of Sokoto don talk say e no get anywhere wey dey safe for the country o, say make government no dey promise say dem go tackle terrorists alone again, say make dem take action..

Yahaya Bello For President

Mazi: Nna ehn, i no know wetin i fit talk ontop this Boko Haram matter o, make we dey pray say make the thing stop quick o

Egbon: No be prayer dem dey take fight Terrorists, naa action, even if we wan pray, government suppose take action

Mazi: Nothing wey prayer no fit do, naa my own believe be that, i even read am for news say Kogi House of Assembly dey talk say dem wan make Yahaya Bello contest for President if the time don reach for 2023

Egbon: Laugh……… President abi wetin you call am, him don do the thing wey him suppose do for the state where him dey do Governor

Mazi: Dem say naa sake of say him do well for the state make dem talk say make him go do President

Egbon: Is ok o, incoming Presido, abeg, make i con dey go my house, before my eyes con dey see another funny toryu for here

Mazi: How this wan take be funny tory now

Egbon: E funny no be small, we go talk later

Mazi: Ok o

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