Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (153): If Kidnappers Fit Kill Traditional Ruler…..

Pidgin News

Egbon: Chai, which kind news be this one o, Mazi come see something o, these evil people don do am again, dem don kill another traditional ruler

Mazi: That one naa serious matter o, abeg where the thing happen and why dem kill the traditional ruler

Egbon: Naa yesterday the thing happen for Ondo state, naa the Olufon of Ifon dem wan kidnap as the thing no con work out well, naso them kill the man

Mazi: Chai, but Maka why, this wan no be better something at all o, why them go kill traditional ruler, dem no even get respect for culture plus tradition again

Egbon: You see why i dey always talk say this government no try at all, imagine how the kidnappers just waste that man like that, person wey no sick o

Mazi: Kai, very unfortunate something, naa who con get security assurance for naija like this?

Egbon: Walahi, naa God hand we dey, no be few days ago them kidnapp and later kill the APC chairman for Nasarawa, shebi i tell you say naa so so condolence them go issue

Mazi: So as we dey now, we no get security for naija

Pidgin News

Egbon: At all, you never read the thing wey Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar talk for Newspaper

Mazi: I kukuma don read am, wey him talk say Northorn Nigeria naa the worst place where person fit live for Naija

Egbon: Shey you don see now say no be only me dey talk say as things dey for this country no follow, insecurity everywhere

Nigeria Listed As 3rd Most Terrorised Country Globally

Mazi: The matter con get as e be now o, because even for South-west plus other region, criminals still dey do their thing

Egbon: I even read one report inside Newspaper wey talk say naa number three Nigeria dey among countries where terrorist dey operate well well

Mazi: And i bin dey think say Boko Haram no dey attack like before o as federal government don arrange how dem go take settle their members wey don repent

Egbon: Dem still dey attack o and now self, the one wey kidnappers dey do no be small o, Job no dey, food dey expensive, person no go still even enjoy security, na wa o

Mazi: My brother, we self fit help the government do ( cut in….

Egbon: Help government do wetin, naa me be the IGP abi i resemble Buratai wey be Army oga, no just talk the thging wey no follow

Mazi: At least you suppose allow make i finish wetin i wan talk, why your body dey hot like this

Egbon: Oya finish am o, author and finisher

Mazi: I bin wan talk say, we fit help government make sure say security dey, if we suspect anybody wey dey waka anyhow, we fit report before them carry out the criminal acts wey dem get for mind

Egbon: Shey no be person wey don chop well go get power go report suspects, you see Mazi, as we dey like this naa God security sure pass for naija

Mazi: At least God no go come down con do security, we self go need dey wetin we suppose do

Egbon: I don hear you if you no hear my own, i wan dey go cause i no get power for argument

Mazi: Me self get plenty things wey i wan do because naso you go dey do like say naa only you suppose dey dey right, mtcheww…

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