Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (149): Fresh Recession In Nigeria, Which Way To Go?

Egbon: Lobatan, e don happen, Nigeria don land inside another recession like this o, see wetin i dey always talk, wey Mazi go dey talk say i too dey complain, shebi e don finally happen now

Mazi: Abeg, i no hold your mouth say make you no talk o, to talk no be the same with Complain, if naa only talk you dey talk e for make sense, but…… ( cut in

Egbon: But wetin…., me wey dey always talk, e no get wetin i see, now webi say Nigeria don enter inside recession, shey no be all of us the thing go reach 

Mazi: Well….., no be say i no understand wetin you dey always talk, my own be say as you dey talk the matter everyday for this Newspaper stand, anything don change?

Egbon: Why the thing go change, when naa say some people dey carry am up, while some dey fold hand dey look, like say the matter no concern them

Mazi: Talk out straight, no dey do corner corner, me wey i no dey complain, i get my reason and you wey dey complain too, i no hold your mouth

Egbon: You no say this borrow borrow wey i dey always talk about dey part of the thing wey go affect Nigeria economy like this because, the money wey dem dey borrow, i no see wetin them dey use am do o

Mazi: I don talk am before too say i no dey against make government collect loan, me self wan make dem use am do something wey go make sense, but as e be now, wetin government fit do now?

Fresh Recession In Nigeria

Egbon: You see, naa now you dey ask me wetin government fit do, i don talk am before and i go still talk am again, make government no dey borrow money wey no get head again

Mazi: Hmmmmm, Egbon, i hear you, but e no make sense make person dey cry when them don cut him head now, we don enter the thing, the thing wey i dey ask naa say wetin we fit do, no be wetin we suppose don do

Egbon: If naa that one, Peter Obi talk something wey i like well well

Mazi: Wetin him talk?

Egbon: Him talk say make politicians reduce the money wey dem dey spend ontop governance, say the money too much and that talk naa better talk

Gbajabiamila Visits Slained Vendor’s Family

Mazi: Hmmmm, that one make sense now, God go help us for Naija, i even hear say Speaker for House of Assembly, Gbajabiamila don go visit the family of that Newspaper seller wey him security person kill last week

Egbon: That one make sense o, but my problem be say, wetin go con happen to the family plus the little pikin wey the man born before him die?

Mazi: According to news o, the Speaker say him go support the family, say him go sponsor the man pikin go school, i hope say him go keep the promise

Egbon: Is ok ooo, that one make sense, but shey naa like this we go dey dey for this country, this one wey Police just dey kill people anyhow

Mazi: The matter naa serious something o, i bin dey think say naa why them do that EndSARS protests that time now

Egbon: Shey no be you and your people go scatter the protests

Mazi: Abeg, no talk the thing wey no follow o, if naa play abeg stop am because i no understand whether you see me for where dem dey do the protests

Kidnappers Killed APC Chairman In Nasarawa

Egbon: Mazi, con check this news o, dem say Kidnappers don kill that APC Oga wey dem carry for Nasarawa, but nawa o, the insecurity wey dey this country no be small something o

Mazi: Me self see the news o and the thing no sweet my Belle at all, i even hear say the state Governor don promise say dem go torchlight the matter

Egbon: Na so so talk dem go dey talk up and down, them no go do anything sake of say the thing no reach dem dommot

Mazi: You hear say Borno Governor, Babagana Zulum don talk say nobody attack the motor wey dey follow him waka

Egbon: Tor, that one good o, because no be first or second time wey Boko Haram people dey attack the Governor be this, Mazi, i wan dey go jare, i no even see one single news wey sweet person Belle inside the paper today

Mazi: Nna ehn, the matter tie rapper o, naa God go help us o, take care o

Egbon: Ok, bye

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