Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (148): Lekki Massacre, Who Is The Liar?

Egbon and Mazi reminiscene over the Lekki Massacre of October 20.

Egbon: No arrest, dem no sack anybody, nothing nothing, dem just dey do like say nothing happen

Mazi: Anybody thief your money, abi why you dey talk say dem no arrest or sack anybody, naa who you want make dem help you arrest?

Egbon: Nobody thief my money, shey you no know say naa today e reach one-month wey Army go kill innocent EndSARS protesters for Lekki Toll Gate?

Mazi: Ahhhh, now now, the thing don reach one-month like that, i no even know say naa wetin you dey talk be that o

Egbon: Naa him i dey talk about, dem just waste innocent lives and dem still no announce say dem don arrest anybody wey dey behind the killing, naa who give the order?

Mazi: Naa me you dey ask?

Egbon: If you get answer, answer me and if you no get answer, no stress me, you just dey do like say the thing no pain you, you get sympathy like this?

Mazi: Ahhhh, nawa o, this wan wey you dey turn every small question to fight like this, i no understand again o, i no know who give order, i no dey where dem give order, you con dey ask me say who give order

Lekki Massacre

Lekki Massacre: Who Is The Liar?

Egbon: One thing wey me i know naa say, God no dey sleep, him no be hypocrites like some people, him go punish anybody wey get hand inside that killing

Mazi: Why you dey curse now, at least, dem talk say dem go do investigation ontop the matter, we suppose wait make we fit see how the matter wan be

Egbon: Which matter be that, which investigation dem wan do again, shebi CNN don talk, many video plus photo don dey online, Dj switch don talk him o, wetin remain

Dramas Around Nigerian Pastors

Mazi: Naa you sabi wetin remain o, my own be say make we wait see how the matter go be, naa then we go fit talk well ontop the thing wey happen

Egbon: We don already sabi wetin dem dey try cover, you no see as dem dey come out talk different thing, Sanwo-Olu talk no be the same with Fashola own, Fashola talk dey different from Lai Mohammed talk, you see say dem dey hide something

Mazi: Egbon, still, we go need wait, come check this tory about this CCC pastor o, dem say him name naa Genesis, you sabi the man

Egbon: I sabi am well now, wetin happen to am, him wan do politics

Mazi: Maybe him go do that one inside prison cuz court don send am go jail like this

Egbon: Ehn ehn, wetin him do now?

Mazi: Dem talk say him do fraud, say him collect 17 million naira from one woman hand, the woman con go court, court con talk say him dey guilty o

Egbon: Na wa o, naa this kind pastor dey make many people think say Nigerian pastor naa 419, but why that woman go give am that kind plenty money now?

Mazi: A maam, how i wan take know that one now, if naa me ask you that kind question now, you go talk say e no follow, shey this your own question follow like this?

Egbon: Naa you sabi wetin no follow o, naa wetin i no understand i ask you, no be fight

Cash Transfer For Rural Women

Mazi: Shebi you dey see boxing glove for my hand, abi who dey fight you

Egbon: We no fit fight, you be my padi padi, i even hear say government don start to dey give people money o (cut in….

Mazi: Ehn ehn, tell me something, but i never receive alert o, you don see your own alert?

Egbon: Which alert, naa so you go dey jump, you no go allow make person finish wetin him dey talk

Mazi: No vex, but naa money matter we dey talk here o, you suppose know say i no dey joke with money

Egbon: Pele o, Money master, anyways, the money naa for Rural women o, government wan take am help dem make dem fit do business

Mazi: And that one no be bad idea o, e make sense now, but naa how much be the money

Egbon: Naa 20,000 naira, and the only condition wey you, Mazi go fit collect from this one naa to turn to Rural woman

Mazi: Naa you go turn Rural woman, i wan dey move self, make you no dey use me catch cruise ontop money matter

Egbon: No vex, but no be say i dey take yiu catch cruise o, we go talk later sha

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