Pidgin News (145): Who Is Safe In Nigeria?

Egbon: For this Naija like this, naa only God dey protect the common man o, no security at all for this country

Mazi: Naa so so complain you dey complain, this wan no dey, that one no good, which wan con dey ok for this country self

Egbon: Mazi, naa you gangan suppose answer that question yourself because you go dey talk like say no be this country we gather dey, you like wetin dey happen so

Mazi: No be say i like am like that but since you don dey complain, anything don change, i tell you say to change something no be by magic, you no gree

Egbon: I know say no be by magic but Sunday wey go make sense, naa since Saturday, we suppose don dey see sign, shey you see any sign say dem wan make something better for Naija like this

Mazi: But wait o, make i ask you self, wetin happen again?

Egbon: You no see as dem dey kidnap people along that Kaduna-Abuja road

Mazi: I no see am o cuz i no dey there

Egbon: As you no dey there, you no dey read or hear news too abi no be everyday we dey meet for this Newspaper stand dey read paper

Mazi: Well, maybe the page wey i dey read dey different from your own

Egbon: See ehn, make we no deceive ourself, nobody safe for this country o, if Kidnappers no kidnap, Boko Haram go kill people, if that one no do, police go kill innocent Nigerians, Haba

FG To Re-Open More Airports

Mazi: True true government suppose do something, but Nigerians too suppose give them time, i even hear say federal governmrnt bin dey plan to re-open more airports

Egbon: Wetin be my own, i no dey travel go anywhere, if dem like make dem lock, if them like make them open, naa dem sabi

Mazi: My own be say, some countries still dey battle this COVID-19 something o, i hope say government think this thing well like this

Egbon: Ah, dem suppose don think am well before dem announce am now at least dem dey hear wetin dey happen for other Obodo Oyinbo countries dem

Mazi: Ok o, naa why i no dey joke with my face mask and hand sanitizer be that because i no dey like wetin i hate o

Corps Members Test Positive For COVID-19 In Abuja

Egbon: That one naa better something o, i even read am for News say 5 Corps members get COVID-19 for Abuja NYSC camp

Mazi: Kai, this thing serious o, i bin dey think say NYSC and NCDC suppose don do wetin dem suppose do now

Egbon: Naso me self hear o, dem talk say dem go put everything wey suppose be in place, i sha hope say the corps members never share the virus like this

Mazi: I pray so o, this COVID-19 virus naa something wey serious, Egbon, you no whether Oyinbo people don get vaccine for the virus?

Egbon: I hear say American people don get one vaccine wey dem talk say go work well

Mazi: Ehn Ehn, dem don dey sale am abi naa free dem wan share am

Egbon: Free kor, Free Town ni, naa sale dem go sale am but dem never start to dey sale am sha

Mazi: Oh, ok o, abeg if you hear where dem dey sale am, tell me o, make i fit buy many packs wey i go fit sale, take do business

Egbon: You don dey sale drug again

Mazi: Nna ehn, forget , anyway naa way, Man must to make money

Egbon: I hear you, but no be me go tell you where dem dey sale am, you go need get WHO number, anyways, i wan dey waka

Mazi: No wahala now, bye

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