Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (140): No Room For Alcohol In Kano

Mazi: This news wey i hear dey do my body one kain o, how Government go destroy people Business like this, Maka why now, this one no follow at all o

Egbon: Shey naa the thing wey happen for Kano you dey talk about abi another one don happen again?

Mazi: Naa the Kano own i dey talk o, i read am for news say Hisbah for the state destroy Kain kain wey em money reach 200 million naira, ah ah, that money no be small something o

Egbon: Me self don see the news and the thing shock me when i hear the amount of drinks wey the Hisbah people destroy, that money no be joke 

Mazi: If naa me dem try that kind thing with, dem go hear am o

Egbon: Wetin you for do, you get power to fight the government for this country.

Mazi: Naa court go help us settle the matter o, how dem go destroy person business like that, 200 million naira just like that, you self check am well, e no follow now

Egbon: Court kor, Cultist ni, No be this country we dey when court talk say make CBN carry go make dem freeze the account of people wey lead EndSARS protests

Mazi: But nawa for naija o, so the people no go fit do anything like that, but naa business dem dey do now and dem no force anybody make dem drink alchohol 

Egbon: Naa the same thing me self think o, at least drinking no be for everybody and no be by force, naa for people wey know say dem want drink

Mazi: I even hear say the Kano Governor, Ganduje talk say the alcohol fit make people dey do anyhow, say the thing no follow for Islam and still him con increase the saalary of the Hisbah people join

Egbon: The same Ganduje wey everybody see him video the other time o, naa him wan dey form Holy Mallam for us like this o, my brother it is well jare, i just pity the people wey the thing reach their dommot o

Mazi: One thing wey i know naa say if court no fit help dem, God go help dem because i no fit just imagine how dem go dey feel now

Rivers State Governor And members of IPOB

Egbon: Mazi, come check this news o, i don talk am before say no be say Wike no like this Igbo people, the thing just be say ( cut in…

Mazi: The thing just be say wetin, you never hear or read am for news say him don ban the IPOB people for Rivers state, why him go do like that

Egbon: Why him no go ban dem o, Ok, you dey expect say him go open him eyes, fold arms make dem dey cause Kasala for the state where him be governor, abi no be wetin you want be that

Mazi: Naa you know where you hear that one o, no be wetin i mean be that, i just dey try talk say, him suppose punish only the people wey dey cause trouble, no be say make him dey make am look like say naa all Igbos be criminal

Egbon: Wait Mazi make i explain how the thing be for you, Wike himself don talk am say him no hate the Igbo people, say him dey only try protect the state

Mazi: You self reason the matter now, instead make him ban the group, him suppose call their representatives for meeting make dem fit talk the matter as e suppose be

Egbon: My own be say i no support crimes or people wey dey do crime, if anybody abi keh group get wetin dey pain dem, e get how dem fit settle am

Mazi: Naa the same thing we dey talk, i even hear say Ebonyi Governor, Umahi talk say the IPOB people dey try cause another civil war

Egbon: Me self kuku read for Newspaper o, but the major thing be say make the IPOB people and the Governor just try understand themselves, make the thing no pass as e suppose be

Revolution In Nigeria

Mazi: Naso, the matter just be, come come see this news o, dem say Bubu padi before before Buba Galadima talk say e possible make Revolution happen for Nigeria

Egbon: I don talk am before say, if government no do wetin dem suppose do for this country, dem fit push the people make dem go do wetin dem no suppose do

Mazi: Hmmm, na wa o, i believe say naa this EndSARS protests bring all these things like this o

Egbon: Shebi i tell you say that EndSARS protests allow many Nigerians talk wetin dey their mind since, you go notice say one time like that people dey talk say make Government do restructuring

Mazi: But wait o, why Galadima go talk like this again now, at least federal government don talk say dem go do the thing wey the youths want make dem do

Egbon: No be talk people want, naa talk and do, since all these years naa so so talk talk sha, we never see the action wey dem dey take to make the country dey as e suppose dey, abi you self like as things be like this

Mazi: No be say i like am now, my own be say anything wey go better go need plan and time, no be overnight everything go change when no be say naa magic dem one use

Egbon: You see wetin that Galadima talk naa better something ( cut in..

Mazi: How e take be better something o, person dey talk say Revolution go happen you dey talk say naa better something, you no know wetin Revolution mean, you be dey think say naa Bread and Butter?

Egbon: No be only Bread and Butter, naa Bread and Beans, i no wetin Revolution mean and i know wetin i dey talk, the koko be say make the government do wetin dem suppose do on time

Mazi: Tor, how far, Donald Trump don Congratulate Biden?

Egbon: For where, him still dey talk say naa him win the election o, say dem do Ojoro

Mazi: Nawa oh, i no know say dem fit do ojoro for USA elections o

Egbon: Me self no understand wetin him dey talk o but make we dey wait make dem carry the matter go court, but as the matter be like this o, many people don congratulate Biden o, even Bubu don congratulate am

Mazi: Make me self con write letter wey i go use congrratulate am o

Egbon: Who you be o, him know you, abeg no allow me open teeth, that your joke no follow, if you wan congratulate am, do that one for your room

Mazi: Wait and see now, e go shock you, make i even con dey go, make i fit go prepare the letter

Egbon: Ko buru o, no wahala, we go talk later.

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