Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (138): Hoodlums Wear Army Uniform

Mazi: Hmm, If i combine the Grammar wey i don hear for this 2020 alone, i fit do my own dictionary o, grammar just dey fly up and down, wetin happen now

Egbon: Laugh, my brother naso we see am o, this year too get Drama, naa 2020 we suppose dey call E be things, omo no be small something

Mazi: That E be things small o, if i wan describe this 2020 ehn, naa Grammar year i go call am o, make the year sha end quick, make person fit move on with life

Egbon: E don almost end now, chill. naa small remain make we dey buy Christmas chicken

Mazi: Yes o, make we Cross over to 2021, but wait first, you sabi how government fit stop all these fake News wey dey fly around, cuz me be dey think say the thing dey very dangerous o if we no stop am quick quick

Egbon: Naa very good question you ask like this o, but before you go ask me to advise on wetin government fit do, we suppose understand wetin fake News mean now

Mazi: Ah ah, Professor, so you wan tell me say you no sabi wetin fake news mean, and you go dey do like say you swallow dictionary, dey blow grammar like fan ( cut in…

Egbon: Why i no go know wetin fake news mean, wetin i dey try talk naa say e dey important to know whether naa wetin i know naa the thing wey government mean

Mazi: Talk the one wey you know first make i hear you, wetin be fake news?

Egbon: Fake news mean say make person dey spread rumour wey no dey authentic, news wey get stones inside, wey no follow at all

Mazi: Gbam, naa the same thing government dey try fight now, you know say the way people dey spread information wey no true these days too much

Egbon: Make i con ask you o, shey our leaders too no dey spread fake news, dem dey talk about fake project up and down and i sure say naa the path wey the leaders dey walk naa him the followers go follow, abi

Mazi: E no suppose be like that now, if everybody con dey spread fake news up and down, the thing fit born Kasala o

Egbon: You no lie, but dem suppose dey talk true naa then everybody go see say true true dem no want make people dey spread fake news

Hoodlums Wear Army Uniform

Mazi: Make we wait and see how the thing go be now, dem even talk say the Social media Bill dey for National Assembly

Egbon: Naso me self hear am o, you don see this news ( cut in…

Mazi: Which one be that

Egbon: Dem say government don dey compile the names of people wey lead the EndSARS protests wey happen last month, but why dem go do that kain thing now

Mazi: I don tell you say make you no dey believe everything wey dey ontop social media, naso fake news many people go dey carry up and down, I dey check news well before I believe dem these days o

Egbon: But i dey follow one of the people wey the thing concern now, she talk say the DSS dem don seize him passport and dem no allow some people wey wan travel go sake of say dem lead EndSARS protest, but why now

Mazi: If naa true, that one no follow at all, but make we still wait make the government talk their own for the matter

Egbon: Naa why i dey tell you say i dey current be that, government don talk say the news no be true say dem no compile any name

Mazi: You see now, and some people go don dey spread the news up and down like that

Egbon: But Mazi you suppose know say smoke no go dey if fire no dey, i know say dem go deny the news now, but las las, we go see how the thing go turn out

Mazi: Very soon, we go see who dey lie, come check this news, Attorney General, Malami don talk about that shooting wey happen for Lekki Toll Gate o

Egbon: Laugh.. me self don see the news now, but i never read am to know wetin him talk, i only see the Headline

Mazi: Him talk say e possible make e be say naa hoodlums wey wear Army uniform go do the shooting for Lekki

Egbon: Nawa for Naija o, how the Attorney General go talk this kain thing now, at least the Governor and the Army don talk, wetin this Malami con dey yan again, dem sha like to dey shame dem self 

Mazi: I no even know wetin to believe again for this Lekki Shooting

Second Wave Of COVID-19 In Nigeria

Egbon: Make we commot ontop that matter jare, another thing wey dey bother me now naa this wan wey PTF dey talk say e possible make COVID-19 come back big time for Nigeria

Mazi: Nawa o, i be dey think say this Coronavirus something don finish for Naija o, the thing shock me as Boss Mustapha con dey talk another thing o, shey e con mean say another lockdown go dey like this

Egbon: E possible o, even the Commissioner for Heath for Lagos state talk am say the government dey concern as people no dey wear face mask again, say dem no dey follow the COVID-19 protocol.

Mazi: Naa true o, many people don forget say the virus still dey o, but me i still dey carry my hand sanitizer and face mask sake of say precaution better pass Sorry o

Egbon: Me self still dey use face mask but i no dey carry hand sanitizer join body again

Mazi: You better con buy confirm hand sanitizer for my shop, make you fit keep yourself and your family safe

Egbon: Everything naa buy buy buy, as we close reach, you no fit dash person sanitizer

Mazi: I resemble father Christmas for your eye, the only thing wey i fit do naa to reduce the price small for you sake of say we gather dey

Egbon: Ok, i don hear you, make dem no sha do another lockdown cuz the thing no go funny o, this one wey be say dem don even loot warehouses now, palliatives no go dey for people

Mazi: You see why i no support the people wey loot the warehouses that time, i just pray say make the cases no go up again and make people self dey do wetin dem suppose do

Egbon: Everything go dey ok, but that lockdown no go follow o, Mazi, we go talk later, i wan dey go

Mazi: Ok, take care, try dey use face mask o and no forget to con buy your hand sanitizer. 

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