Pidgin News (136): IGP Asks Police Officers To Defend Themselves

Mazi:This matter don dey give me concern like this o, the bad thing wey this EndSARS protests cause don dey pass the good wey dey inside o

Egbon: Wetin happen again, why you still dey complain ontop EndSARS matter, shebi i don explain the gain wey dey inside the protests give you

Mazi: True true, you don explain give me, but, the wey the matter just dey cause different thing naa him dey give me concern now

Egbon: Abeg talk if you wan talk and if you no wan talk, allow me make i read the Newspaper wey i wan read, no distract me, i say wetin happen you still dey Salaye, Alaaye talk make i hear

Mazi: So, you wan tell me say you never hear wetin the IGP talk, you never hear say him ask police officers to dey defend themselves, small time now, you go dey form say naa you Current pass

Egbon: Anytime anyday, you self know say i current pass you, meanwhile, i don hear wetin the IGP talk and make i no lie you, no be better talk him talk at all

Mazi: Me self dey wonder say how come you wey be current affairs no go know say the IGP don ask police officers to dey defend themselves, but why him go talk like that now

Egbon: A n ge won lowo, won boruka loro won, we still dey complain say police dey harass people, the IGP con still dey give this kind advise

Mazi: But if you look am well, no be say wetin the IGP talk too bad like that ( cut in….

Egbon: I don already know say naa wetin you go talk be that, yen yen yen, so make the police officers dey kill people dey go abi

Mazi: No be wetin the IGP talk be that, try to dey understand News, no be say you go just read Newspaper, you no go understand wetin dey inside

Egbon: Abeg abeg, Aburo IGP, Shebi naa you be him brother, naa you go explain wetin him mean to me, i read the news and i understand am, him talk say make police dey defend themselves in case any civilian wan attack them

Mazi: So wetin con be the matter for inside, at least the police get family too, you no hear when the IGP announce say naa 22 police the protesters kill when dem be dey protest

Egbon: I know say dem get family too and i no support say make people dey attack or kill dem

Mazi: Wetin you con dey talk

Egbon: The thing be say, the IGP no suppose talk am like that, why him go tell them to defend themselves against people wey no carry any weapon and again no be protesters kill the police wey die

Mazi: Naa why i talk am from the beginning say the matter don dey give me concern be that because if dem no do EndSARS protests now, all these matter no for dey ground

Egbon: No be EndSARS say make the IGP dey give advise wey no follow, him suppose no say no be all the police officers go use common sense hear wetin him talk say make dem do

Mazi: My own be say make the matter no con turn another thing because even for my area self, i notice say police people no too dey like before and e be like say no be only for my area

Egbon: Naa true you talk, me self notice am but the IGP don ask dem make dem go back to dem duty post

Mazi: E better like that o

Desmond Elliot Calls Nigerian Youth Children

Egbon: I just dey laugh as people dey yab this Lagos lawmaker, Desmond Elliot ontop how him just open him mouth talk something wey no follow

Mazi: Me self see the news o and how people dey drag am but i con dey wonder if wetin him talk too bad like that, abi no be him talk say make government put law ontop how people dey use social media

Egbon: No be the only thing wey him talk be that, before him talk the social media matter, him first talk say the Nigerian youths wey protests during that EndSARS time naa Children, say dem no get respect for Culture, him even still abuse celebrities join am o

Mazi: Ehn ehn, i be dey think say naa only the social media matter him talk o, but him naa Youth now and him suppose understand wetin the protesters dey talk

Egbon: No mind am, him be dey think say naa Drama dem ask am make him go do for the Lagos House of Assembly, him dey try please him godfathers dem

Mazi: But make we talk the matter as e be o, government suppose torchlight the social media o because if dem no do so, people fit use the thing cause fight for the country abi you no think am that way

Egbon: Naa sake of say our Politicians no wan dey hear truth, social media no be bad something, if government do well for the people, dem no go dey abuse dem

Mazi: Naa true you talk but you know say if dem con leave the thing like that e possible make some people use the social media cause Kasala for the country, i no support say make dem cancel am, make dem just do something wey no go make the thing turn to bad something

Egbon: Shebi naa wetin dem call Social media regulation Bill be that, my own be say, make government do wetin dem suppose do

Mazi: I even see am for News say another lawmaker for the Lagos House of Assembly talk say Nigerian youths dey always take drugs

Egbon: Imagine, shey naa wetin she suppose talk be that, me self read the news now, her name naa Mojisola Alli-Macaulay, naa later later some people con post the picture where she dey use COVID-palliatives do birthday gifts

Mazi: Nawa o, so, she self no get clean hand be that o, Naija with plenty Drama

Egbon: Which one get clean hand among them, shebi naa later Desmond Elliot con dey beg ontop Arise TV say naa him emotion make am talk wetin him talk

Okonjo-Iwela As DG, World Trade Organization, WTO

Mazi: Come oh, i be dey think say dem don appoint Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as the Oga patapata for the organization wey dey reason Trading matter for world now, which one US government con dey talk again

Egbon: No mind the US goivernment o, e be like say naa only dem no support say make Okonjo-Iweala occupy the position o and she don already get upper hand o

Mazi: Me self see the News wey talk say many people plus country join dey support her, but wetin go con happen now, shey dem no go allow her be the Oga for the organization

Egbon: The federal government don even chuk mouth put for the matter like this o

Mazi: Wetin the government talk ontop the matter, cuz me i never see am

Egbon: The federal government don talk say no shaking for Iweala, say dem dey for her back, dem con talk say e get another meeting wey the people wey dey involve for the election go do on November 9 where dem go finalise everything

Mazi: E make sense like that like that o, make the federal government support her as dem take support Akinwunmi Adesina the Oga for the African Union dem

Egbon: Dem go support her, Didun losan yoo so, she too get many people wey want make she dey the post

Mazi: Ok, e go be, i even hear say Wizkid don finally release him song wey him no gree release since all these years

Egbon: Yes o, him don release the Album wey him call Made In Lagos and people don dey talk about am, even Davido don greet Wizkid say him do well ontop the matter

Mazi: That one good sha, but shey the song sweet like that ni, wey make Bukola Saraki, Ben Murray Bruce and many people dey talk am

Egbon: You self go listen to am, i wan dey move, we go talk later

Mazi: I go find time listen to the song, no wahala, we go talk later, bye.

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