Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (132): Black Tuesday In Nigeria, Where Is Buhari?

Mazi: Chineke God ooo, this news no sweet my belle at all, Jesus, help us for this country o, see as blood dey flow for naija, which kind thing be this ooo

Egbon: My brother, naa only God fit save us now o as he be like say everything wan turn yam pepper scatter scatter for naija, you don read the thing wey happen for Lekki Tollgate

Mazi: Nna ehn, i don read am o, as i dey read naso my body dey shake like this, i hear say many people don pain for the area as soldiers dey shoot people wey protest

Egbon: I don see many videos ontop internet tired, the thing no be something wey person go fit see dey rejoice at all at all, the thing wey happen for that Lekki naa genocide them dey call am o

Mazi: Which one be genocide again, dem talk say dem kill plenty people, you still dey blow big grammar ontop, you no get human feeling at all

Egbon: Mazi, no dey allow your blood too dey too hot always, naa the same thing we dey talk, genocide naa when dem kill plenty people at the same time

Mazi: But i hear say the lagos governor, Sanwo-olu declare 24hrs curfew for the state naa, why dem EndSARS people still dey gather do we no go gree for the state self

Egbon: Why you dey talk like this now, naa you gangan no get human feeling because i no expect say you go dey talk like this, if dem declare curfew, shey people no go find way to reach them house ni, abi wetin you mean

Mazi: See, this thing no be fight, naa explanation we dey explain give each other, wetin i mean be say, dem suppose no still gather do protest again, make everybody go dem house, at least the curfew no be forever

Egbon: Me self no fight you because as the situation even be like this, i no get joy at all, not even the energy to fight, wetin happen for lagos naa Black Tuesday e be o, naa very bad something

Mazi: But, i hear say naa Army people dey shoot for the place, why dem go shoot people wey no carry gun abi any weapon, placards or flag naa crime again

Egbon: Naa the same question my wife dey ask me before i come out like this o, i even don read am say Army people don talk say no be dem shoot people for Lagos

Mazi: Something wey be say the video don dey everywhere for naija ( cut in…

Egbon: For naija ke abi for all over different countries, even obodo oyinbo people dem don chuk mouth put, Rihana o, Nicki Minaj o, Hilary Clinton o, all of dem don talk put say the thing wey happen naa bad something

Mazi: Chai, so the news don even spread far like this, another International Disgrace naa em all this people wan bring ontop Nigeria name like this o, abi which kind disgrace be this

Egbon: Original International disgrace, the thing wey con dey pain me pass naa say Bubu no dey even gree talk since, at least make the tension fit go down

Mazi: Imagine, and we dey call ourselve Giant of Africa o, if naa Mali matter now, em go dey chuk mouth put, dey travel like say naa him country

Egbon: I no even see anything bad if him dey chuk mouth for Mali matter, wetin dey pain me naa say him no gree talk since this thing don dey happen for him own country o, where dem elect am as Presido

Mazi: Even Atiku and the Senate people don advise am say make him talk, make people fit calm down, him no still gree talk anything, which kind something be this 

Egbon: See matter o, shey dem suppose dey beg Bubu before him go talk to him people, whether if e don talk since, all this killing and tension no go dey ground like this, see wetin dey happen for Lagos, Edo and even for Abuja where him dey stay o

Mazi: Naa this Edo jail break even first dey give me concern before i later con dey hear say people dey burn police station for Edo and Lagos, the matter don dey pass be careful like this oo

Egbon: I even hear say hoodlums don attack TVC television station for Lagos, dem attack and burn plenty things for that state o

Mazi: Which one be TVC own now, shey naa dem kill people abi naa dem talk say make Bubu no address him people, wetin dem do now, e no suppose be 

Egbon: According to wetin i hear o, dem say naa because say naa Tinubu get the television station and dem no con report the attacks well, e be like say dem dey partial, naa why some people attack dembe that

Mazi: Hmmm, as the thing con be like this, wetin go happen, shey this thing no go turn to another thing, shey no be say Nigeria dey siddon ontop gun powder like this

Egbon: Mazi, i no get answer to all this question wey you dey ask me o, the only thing wey i no na say make government no siddon look, make Bubu come out talk wetin go calm people mind

Mazi: As e be like this, Lagos, Ekiti, Ondo, Osun dem don declare curfew o, naa only Oyo governor talk say make Operation Burst people no allow hoodlums attack people again

Egbon: You see, no be curfew be the way, the governor suppose no say the curfew no go be for ever, dem suppose address the situation make e no turn to another thing, imagine the number of people wey don pain like this ontop EndSARS matter, e no follow now

Mazi: At all, but i feel say that curfew naa just to make people siddon for house, make the governor fit find solution

Egbon: E better make dem find solution on time o because already people blood don over hot, see as dem waste people life like say naa animal dem be, see how many government propert don go down

Mazi: Make we just dey pray say the thing no go pass as e be like this o

Egbon: Tor, koburu, we go dey pray, but as we dey pray so, make government no siddon look, make dem do wetin dem suppose do

Mazi: I hope so o, we go see later ehn, take care.

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