Peter Psquare Responds to Reconciliation Request

Singer and one half of defunct music group, Peter Psquare responds to a request to reconcile with his twin brother, Paul.

Peter and Paul Okoye created a formidable music group called Psquare. They worked together and produced most of the biggest hits of the early 2000s, but things came crashing between the brother four years ago.

What started as mere rumours later became a split, and that was the end of Psquare as a music group however, some fans have refused to come to terms with that.

Peter Psquare Responds to Reconciliation Pressure

One of the persistent fans is one who threatened Peter Okoye in his comments section. The fan adamantly refused to stream any of his songs until he reconciled with his brother.

Peter Okoye felt that the comment deserved a feed post as a response and went ahead to reply in a separate post. He said;

“Let me say it again! This individuals are not haters they are just P2 heart broken fans and i understand.
Only PALOMA and JUST LIKE THAT dem don dey shake Dey shiver!
I will still wish dem well this weekend! Sha I have forgiven them! it’s over 4yrs now! pls you people should move on. No come get High BP for person matter.

Peter Psquare Responds To Reconciliation Request
Peter Psquare Responds to Reconciliation Pressure

The entrepreneur also encouraged the trolls to congratulate him instead of crying over spilt milk.

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