Pete Edochie Fingers Feminism as Cause of Domestic Violence

Nollywood veteran actor, Pete Edochie, has pointed accusing fingers at feminism as the cause of domestic violence nowadays.

The legendary actor made this known during an interview with BBC Igbo.

Pete Edochie lamented on how the African society has been negatively affected by this whole idea of feminism and how women who adopt this feminist ideology pose a big problem in their matrimonial homes.

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Pete Edochie Says Feminism Is The Cause Of Domestic Violence
Pete Edochie says feminism is the cause of domestic violence

He stated that feminism is not for black people but for the westerners which shouldn’t be copied by Africans.

Feminism isn’t something black people are known for. Once a woman leaves her parents to meet her husband and take his surname, she is to be submissive to him. If she wasn’t married, she could do whatever she wants” he said.

He also mentioned how things has changed in the African society from women being unable to cook and how this leads to the men attacking their wives (domestic violence).

In his words, “Today, our wives can’t even cook anymore. Women who can’t cook aren’t supposed to call themselves women. And feminism is what causes women to be beaten up in marriages. You complain to a woman, and she retorts.

Pete Edochie also backed his claims of men kneeling to propose to their wives.

He said, “I’m a strong adherent of culture. Kneeling to put a ring on a woman’s hands is not our culture. Any man who does that transfers the headship of his family to that woman. Until my dad died at 96, he never knelt to propose.

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