Paul Okoye’s Lawyer Responds to Rumoured Divorce Scandal

The lawyer to Paul Okoye, commonly known as Rudeboy, has reacted to the rumoured divorce scandal by doing the rounds on social media.

In a previous article, Everyeveryng revealed the leaked divorce petition filed by the singer’s wife, Anita, to end their seven-year marriage.

The famous singer’s lawyer, Somadina Eugene Okorie, has reacted to this claim, noting that he has yet to receive an official brief regarding the divorce.

He said the divorce scandal is not a subject worth breaking a sweat on, and as he speaks to the press, he is yet to receive a brief on the news about their divorce that has been making rounds on the internet.

He further said that if the story were true, he would have received a briefing by now, stating that this is devoid of sentiments.

However, the news regarding the divorce between the singer and his wife has sparked different reactions from internet users. People wonder what might have brought a relationship of so many years to an end.

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