Pastor Reveals How S3x Tapes Leak

A clergy Fr Kelvin Ugwu has revealed to the world why he thinks sex tapes have been said to be leaked on social media recently.

In a long tweet, he claimed that it is not always true that the s3x tapes are erroneously leaked but might be intentional.

“here are many reasons why people are here online. Sometimes, s3x tapes don’t just leak; most times, they are intentionally released under the guise of “leaked” for reason best known to those involved. #MtchwwwSeries”

Pastor Reveals How S3X Tapes Leak
Pastor Reveals How S3x Tapes Leak

According to him, it is wrong for social media users to be obsessed with video clips that show n*des, or people in intimate positions.

He condemned situations where people go on the internet in search of such videos.

This is coming in the wake of n*de pictures and videos and s3x tapes of celebrities finding their ways into the public.

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage, BBNaija star Cross and others are the current victims of this saga.

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