Pastor Adeboye Releases More Prophecies On COVID-19

Pastor Adeboye on COVID -19

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has again stressed that it would take a special miracle from God for the COVID-19 Coronavirus also known as to leave the world permanently.

According to the Pastor, the world will have to learn to live with the virus just like they currently live with diseases like Cholera, flu, ebola.

Adeboye made this known during today’s edition of a special dispensation virtual service broadcasted on the church’s television station.

It would be recalled that reputable health organisations like the World Health Organisation, WHO has also announced that the COVID-19 might not leave the world and human beings would need to learn how to live with the virus.

Pastor Adeboye talked about the virus while he was preaching about how to deal; with mountains that could be encountered in the journey of life. He gave seven possible ways to deal with the mountains to include turning back, going around it, climbing it, boring a hole through the mountain, bring down the munition using explosives.

He also added that one might decide to turn the mountain into a habitation or fly over such a mountain. He, however, said that in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, the option through it being a mountain might be boring a hole through it and coming out from the other side.

Adeboye maintained that the pandemic will ease and it will be soon, but it will not be permanent. However he said after the pandemic, many people would rejoice as many good things would come out of it.

He said many family children whose parents were always busy now have them compulsorily with them, while spouses whose partners were not always present now have more time to bound.

According to Pastor Adeboye, those who are genuinely his children will not be a victim of this pandemic, reminding that he had earlier announced when the year began that the year will behave like a convulsing child, but protection is available for his followers.

Adeboye who stressed that he is not a prophet but a Pastor also urged people to trust him as he hears from God who does not lie.

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