Pastor Adeboye Predicts Time of Death

Nigerian spiritual leader, Pastor Adeboye predicts the time of his death much to the surprise of his church members

The General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) mentioned that he knew when he would die, and according to the clergyman, it is not soon.

Pastor Adeboye told his congregation that he would not leave this earth until he turned 90 and not a day younger than that. By calculations done, that is sometime in 2033.

Pastor Adeboye Predicts When He’ll Die

“I am not going to die young. Some people were laughing when they heard me say that, don’t worry yourselves celebrating any birthday for me now. Wait till I am 90; then we will celebrate for a whole month.

“They think I am joking. Unless the Lord returns before then, at the age of 90, I am going to celebrate for a whole month.

He further explained that to celebrate his 90th properly; there would be one day for each department or segment of his church and the nation.

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