Oyo Court Dissolves 15-Year-old Marriage Over Theft

A customary court dissolves 15-year-old marriage in Oyo over claims of theft.

The marriage between Basirat Rahmon (trader) and her husband Olaide(Spiritual consultant) has been dissolved by a customary court in Mapo, Ibadan.

Basirat who filed the petition complained that Olaide stole the sum of N650,000 from her. She also said he is irresponsible.

She said,

“He stole N650,000 that I kept in my safe in the bedroom.

He bought a plot of land with N450,000 out of the stolen money.

“When I asked for my money, he threatened to terminate my life,”

Olaide on the other hand did not agree with his wife’s claim.

He said that his inlaws were responsible for their issues as they were always involved in the marriage.

On the allegedly stolen money, he said

“I didn’t steal her money, I used it to buy her a piece of land.

She has been supportive especially towards my occupation,”

For the interest of peace, Ademola Odunade, the president of the Court dissolves the 15-year-old marriage.

According to the arbitrator, any marriage that was on a shaky foundation like that of Basirat and Olaide was bound to be shortlived.

However, after dissolving this union, he granted custody of the kids to Basirat.

Additionally, the court ordered Olaide to pay the sum of N20,000 to Basirat every month for the children’s welfare.

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