Oyedepo Raises Alarm Over Feminism Revolution

Bishop David Oyedepo of Winner Chapel has highlighted the dangers attached to feminism. The clergyman who advised women against joining the feminism movement stated that feminism leads to frustration and devastation.

He expressed concerns that women of this generation ignore the Bible’s instruction to submit to their husbands. The founder of the Living Faith Church added that women are supporting feminism because they think the Biblical teaching about respect is outdated.

According to the clergyman, many women assume that they are co-heirs with their male counterparts. Oyedepo added that feminists think they are too smart to obey God’s instructions regarding respecting their husbands.

He further explained that the feminine revolution would eventually result in feminine frustration and destiny devastation. Meanwhile, Oyedepo emphasized that no book on earth will ever overtake the Bible in currency no matter the level of civilization.

The clergyman advised women against getting married if the feminist revolution is their vision, noting that marriage won’t work for them.

You will recall that the cleric had clarified speculations linking his decision to wear white clothes to spirituality. While explaining why he is fond of wearing white clothes, The Bishop said he wears the clothes because it is cheaper. ⁣


According to him, white dresses are more affordable and easy to maintain than others.⁣ Oyedepo opined that white clothes don’t fade compared to other colours.⁣ (read more here)⁣

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