Oxlade S3x Tape: Lady Reveals Why She Would do it Again

The lady alleged to have been involved with musician Oxlade in a leaked sex tape has revealed that she would do it again with the artist.

Oxlade’s leaked tape has sent social media into a frenzy since it was leaked earlier in the week.

The lady named Rachyyveer describes herself as Ivory Coast First Lady, model, actress, dancer, make-up artiste and brand influencer has opened up on her sexcapades with the 24-year-old artist.

In a series of tweets by the lady, she revealed that she has always wanted to have intercourse with the ‘Ojuju’ crooner while revealing that the singer is her boyfriend.

She wrote, “Oxlade is my boyfriend and we had sex, is that a crime?”

In another tweet, she said, “might as well request for another round” while warning her trolls to mind their business, adding that she asked for it and got it.

“Yeah I craved for it and I got it. Mind your own business,” she wrote.

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