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Ordinary Ahmed Laments over Unfair Police Treatment

Ordinary Ahmed Isa, the President and Founder of Brekete Family Radio, has expressed concerns on how the Nigerian Police Force, NPF, are treated when prioritising their basic needs and benefits.

For some time, the Human Rights Personality has been yelling at the top of his voice for the government to consider revamping the entire police pension system, noting that the programme is in no way favouring the officers who put their lives on the line.

He spoke on Friday while playing host to various complainants from every part of the nation during the BreketeFamily Live Radio and Television Talk Magazine Programme in Abuja.

Police are Treated like Nothing- Ordinary Ahmed

The Ordinary President, as popularly called, said it’s a shame that police who are the first line of response to crime or crisis within the country are treated like their lives mean nothing to the government.

He argued that the pension programme where officers are expected to retrieve their benefits after service to the nation only frustrates the officers and even denies their families the benefits if the policeman dies in active duty.

Dr Isa assured bringing in a member of the house of representatives who have been involved in fighting for the rights of police officers to speak on the stage attained thus far in the move to exit officers pensioners from the board.

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