Online Business Students Can do During ASUU Strike

What’s the ideal online business students can do while observing the frustrating Academy Staff Union of Universities, ASUU Strike, that nobody knows when it will end.

Survey has shown that many students are idle at home and have been spending most of their time engaging in activities that shame their families or get them on the wrong side of law enforcement agents.

To escape all of these vices in society, knowing that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, it is wise for you to quickly engage in a trade, a job or craft that would quickly make you legal money before the strike is called off.

Now, to jump straight into the online business students can do suggestions we’ve researched to help you grow your income before returning to school. You must take note of the various profit-generating tips.

  • Make sure you have little money/funding to enable you to carry out basic requirements such as data purchase, a simple device that would assist you to work fluently, and if you’re working on your mobile phone, then get a power bank to avoid the interrupted electricity supply.
  • Go on a quick research and carefully study the problems and challenges that are there to be fixed. Check even Google to determine what people are searching for the most and start consulting for the solutions that are within your capacity.
  • Then, understand that there are many online business possibilities you can venture into, but make sure it is something you’re good at and would not bore you easily when you’ve started.
  • Looking at the limited time frame before the government agrees to call off the strike, your choice of business or job would not be long-term but can run for a limited time to avoid building a customer base and losing them when you shut down operations to resume with your academic work once ASUU strike is over.
Online Business Students Can Do During Asuu Strike

Since you are clear on what you need to do and other relevant steps to take before starting the business of your choice, here is a list of online opportunities you can seize to make money:

Top 4 Business Students Can do in Their Holidays

  1. Social Media Marketing: What you should do as soon as possible is to jump on every social media platform you have an active account with to start placing adverts for products and the pictures you snapped from a friend’s shop, a neighbour, a shopping complex etc. and post it on your page with the price or without and indicate that it is negotiable, so that once people see it, then they would immediately place orders, and you get you a commission, seeing it’s a business students can do. You can advertise phones, laptops, wrist watches, perfumes, shoes, clothes and anything sellable online. Remember that Jumia is not the owner of products advertised on their app but ends up standing as an online store where products are displayed and sold to any part of the country while they collect their percentage for hosting the product.
  2. Temporary Customer Service Provider: While this might take you out of the internet space where you are expected to conduct your business, it is not too demanding, and you can stop anytime in case of school resumes, and you want to terminate your contract with your employer. Doing this kind of work, you will be receiving calls from clients as directed to the line given to you by your employer. Clients or customers would require information about products or services with the hope that you would provide them with the details and advice. The advantage of this job is that you would go through training to know what to say to customers, while the skill acquired would remain with you for future references.
  3. Online Graphic Designer: Many companies are searching for an online graphic designer, and if you are skilled in this line of work and still at home crying over the ASUUstrike, it’s time to have a rethink and start searching the internet to check for gigs that would engage you for a period long enough to cover the space between remaining at home since February when the industrial action commenced, and the time the authorities would cancel it. The beautiful thing about this work is you can have more than one engagement from customers or companies looking for professionals that can deliver standard graphic work, so get up from your bed and start applying to make money from an online business students can do to increase income.
  4. Voiceover Recording Artist: You can start this job from the comfort of your house. Simply commence by testing your voice if it’s the material advert companies are searching for in their project. Ensure to train your voice to sound sellable to a large Radio or TV audience. As mentioned earlier, you can record in your comfort zone and send the completed audio to companies to assess your work and see whether you get a reply. Continue seeking for others that want a recording artist. You can temporarily be engaged to record a weekly podcast or daily and get paid for every episode you produce.
Online Business Students Can Do During Asuu Strike
Online Business Students Can do During ASUU Strike

There are several other online business students can do that you can do, but let’s put a pin to this conversation to have your contributions in the comment section. Let’s hear what your views how students can make money during holidays or ongoing ASUU strike.

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Online Business Students Can do During ASUU Strike
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