Omashola Sends Kim Oprah Confusing Birthday Message

Omashola and Kim Oprah

Omashola has sent Kim Oprah his love interest a confusing Twitter birthday message.

Kim Oprah who turned 25 today got a birthday message from Omashola who described her as one who does not wait for external love.

“She will always love herself like she’s not waiting for anyone else to do it. And that’s the greatest gift of all time”

The confusing part of the message was the part he asked her to get f–ked up for the both of them.

“Happy birthday Kim, you better get f–ked up for the both of us today”

Omashola And Kim Oprah
Omashola and Kim Oprah

Their fans have continued to wonder if they are both still in a relationship after what they displayed during the BBNaija Pepper Dem reunion show.

The two former BBNaija 2019 housemates were in what looked like a relationship on the show and pursued it after the show.

Kim however told him that he needs to work on himself if they would ever have a chance to be together, and that was the last their fans heard about their relationship.

Seeing Omashola posting pictures of the two of them together at several locations of her birthday has not only confused their fans but has also sparked suspicion that they might be dating on a low key level.

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