Oluwakaponeski Cries Out Over Nigerian Men In USA

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  • Oluwakaponeski cries out about the high rate of Nigerian men jailed in the U.S

Instagram comedian, Oluwakaponeski has raised alarm over the high rate at which Nigerian men are being jailed for fraud in the U.S.

The comedian alleged that Nigerians are jailed not only in Nigeria alone for fraudulent activities but also in oversea countries.

‘Mama Tobi’ as he’s fondly called stated that the number of Nigerian men that will be jailed in the U.S in the next 5 years will be crazy.

He also talked about old and talented friends that has not been seen for years, only to find out they have been jailed.

Oluwakaponeski tweeted, “Man we losing a lot of Nigerian males to fraud both at home and abroad. In the next five years, the population of Nigerian men in jail in America will be crazy. Stop if you can before it’s too late.

I place a call to a friend and the next thing. “Yo remember so so guy???!” He is in Jail o. Like talented and good guys too. The number is Insane mow. We don’t need 70% of Nigerian men in jail in America. Step on the brake my Guy

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The skit creator then advised Nigerian men to take things softly and don’t put their lives at risk over people who don’t care.

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