Obiebi, Preshdavid Get Evicted From Ultimate Love


Obiebi and Preshdavid have been evicted from the Ultimate Love Reality TV show. This happens to be a great twist to the show. You will recall that Aunty had earlier sent in a message to the Love Pad informing them that there is going to be a special event by 7 pm today, and here is it.

When the news of the message got to the Love Guests, they did not know what to say or how to feel as all of them were confused.

The letter also instructed that the couples on nomination should pack their bags and wait for the so-called special event of the night.

After sitting at the Aunty’s living room and waiting for what to happen, the bay leaves came in and told them to move to the auditorium. On getting to the auditorium, they met a dinner setting, with wines and wines glasses steering at them on the table.

Before they could get their minds around what is going on, Olwaseun P Olaniyan, a co- Anchor of the live nomination show and the man who announces evictions appeared. EH did not appear alone, but he came with an envelope.

Co-Anchor Of Ultimate Love Show, Oluwaseun Olaniyan
Co-Anchor Of Ultimate Love Show, Oluwaseun Olaniyan

If I was in the Love Pad, I might be able to guess how the night would go. Seeing how tensed the house was, he requested a smile which he got, whether it was fake or genuine, does not matter.
He brought out a letter from Aunty, which talks about how proud she is of them and her plans for the finale.

Checking Out

After going through the letter, he began the business of the night. He told the couples facing possible check out to stand, and any couple whose name is called has been evicted.
The first name that came out of his mouth was Obiebi, and you can imagine the shock finding out that an eviction would be taking place on a Wednesday.


Obiebi, one of the miracle couples on the show were trying to come in terms with the reality of their checking out by hugging themselves and looking bold and bright.

Obiebi Evicted From Ultimate Love
Obiebi Evicted From Ultimate Love

Obichukwu and Ebiteinye might not have only found love on Ultimate Love show, but also won a prize. Oluwaseun made them play the portmanteau jeopardy game just like the other evicted couples but with a slight change.

Obiebi was not given a chance to make a change of portmanteau as the tradition has always been. After opening it, they found out that they have won themselves a hundred thousand naira, (#100,000) plus other accessories.

With this looking as if it was enough for the night, Olaniyan was not done with the Love Guests who were trying to calm down. He simply told them that there is a slight change, and he announced that there is going to be a second eviction for the night.


Preshdavid was the next name that came out of Oluwaseun’s mouth, and that changed the game. Presh Talker and David were asked to move away from the other couples and approach the portmanteau for the jeopardy game.

Preshdavid Evicted From Ultimate Love
Preshdavid Evicted From Ultimate Love

Just like Obiebi did not enjoy the chance to change their portmanteau, they not too. They were also asked to open the portmanteau that has their name on it.

When it was opened, they saw a two hundred thousand prize and other accessories in it. That was the end of these two couples on the Ultimate Love Reality TV Show, but the question is whether this was the end of the couples.

For Obiebi, they have always said it that their love is not dependent on how long they stay in the Love Pad, and whatever happens, there will never be enough to break them.

On the other hand, Presh Talker and David will now have to determine the time they spent togethr=er in the Love Pad was enough to start a forever happy after.

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