Obi Cubana: Hitting a Woman Can Never be Justified

Nigerian Businessman, Obi Iyiegbu, popularly called Obi Cubana, has weighed into domestic violence against women, stating it is unjustifiable. 

The CEO of Cubana Group made his assertion known in a recent media chat interview with Oppwaga on an Instagram live. 

When asked if there is a situation that can justify a man hitting a woman, Obi Cubana said, though some situations can be very annoying for a man or a woman, the best thing to do is walk away. 

 The 47 year old stated“Even if you are in America, the law is bigger and stronger than all of us, yet they don’t abuse or beat you anyhow. As big as the law is, they have to take you through the process, and that’s why when you see officers that beat people and are caught, they are disciplined because nobody is an animal; even for animals, there is animal law.”

Obi Cubana further stated that it is unthinkable and unforgiveable irrespective of the provocation, but rather walk away.

“What are you beating a woman for? To achieve what? It’s a no-no for me no matter the provocation,” he added. 

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