NYSC Member Proposes To Girlfriend, Pulls Expensive Prank

NYSC member proposes to girlfriend during their passing out parade (POP) in Ibadan.

The corp member known as Balogun Babatunde Temidayo popped the big question to his girl, Adejoke on Wednesday.

However, he first pulled an expensive prank on her to surprise her.

The young man claimed to be sick after the POP ceremony to cover up his real intentions.

At first, his girlfriend thought he was joking but after he kept on clutching his stomach claiming he was in so much pain.

In a bid to convince her even more, he bends over and starts screaming for help.

Nysc Member Proposes To Girlfriend, Pulls Expensive Prank
NYSC Member Proposes To Girlfriend

It was at this point that Adejoke fell completely, screaming for help and asking their colleagues to stop recording them.

Following this drama, a small crowd had gathered around them to ask what was going on.

Balogun saw this as the golden opportunity so he quickly brought out the ring and asked her to marry him

Adejoke shared the goodness on Instagram with the caption,

“Officially off the market
Love you baby. Congratulations to us on our POP
And thanks for loving me unconditionally babe
I’m still in shock”

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