NYSC DG Compels State Coordinators to Serve Good Food to Corps Members

The NYSC DG Shuaibu Ibrahim at the NYSC headquarters had a powerful and irresistible effect on state coordinators with regards to serving good food to Corps members. It’s no doubt that the type of food being served to corps members in the camp is not something to write home about. Most of which have caused health issues to corps members and have resulted in corps members adopting alternative approaches.

Most of them tend to use external means like buying food from the canteen, resorting to snacks and soft drinks like coke and gala, bread, or even biscuits. Funny as it sounds but it’s really what is obtainable in our NYSC camps. However, I believe that urgent need to eradicate these food issues was what lead to the proactive measures taken by the NYSC DG towards ensuring that good food is being served to corps members.

The NYSC DG Shuaibu Ibrahim

The Nysc Dg Shuaibu Ibrahim
The NYSC DG Shuaibu Ibrahim

The NYSC DG in a meeting at the NYSC headquarters spoke with the NYSC area coordinators, camp directors, camp commandants, state coordinated, and security personnel at NYSC headquarter camps and offices.

In the course of the meeting, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Director General Shuaibu Ibrahim at the pre-orientation meeting informed them that the safety of life and property of corps members should be their ultimate goal. He pointed out that “The content and quantity of food served in all camps must be of good standard and the timetable must be precise and held on to”. Hence, the need for the Coordinator to re-orient all NYSC camp officials to exhibit a vicarious experience towards the feelings of corps members while dealing with them.   

The NYSC DG, added that “Corps members who are sick must with immediate effect taken to the NYCS clinic in the camp, and for those whose symptoms persist, the should be referred to a standard hospital”. Furthermore, the NYSC DG Shuaibu Ibrahim stated that “NYSC board do not want to record any death of corps members”. Hence, “the NYSC officials should approach their jobs with earnest intent and with good faith adding that the board also have some administrative procedures for defaulters”.

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