Possibilities Northern Nigeria May Not Participate in 2023 Elections

As 2023 Elections draw nearer by the day, there are already indications that parts of Northern Nigeria may not be joining the rest of the nation to partake in the electioneering process.

The reason for the position mentioned above is the level of unrest in various parts of the region, especially with the level of banditry, kidnappings and terrorism.

Expressing this view is a Public Commentator, Alhaji Ahmed Bakare, who argued that if the military is not given full support to combat the insurgence, states may have to forget conducting elections as lives of indigenes will be at risk.

The Expert, however, maintained that the military and other security operatives in the north could end these bandit activities tormenting the northern part of Nigeria.

He said the soldiers are denied the opportunity to fully carry out their constitutional responsibility as protectors of lives and property, adding that a mere call for a state of emergency is not the answer to this situation.

Northern Nigeria May Record Lowest Turnout in 2023 Elections

The Public Commentator, Alhaji Ahmed Bakare, noted that the crisis ongoing in the region could only mean one thing for the northerners, and that is to record the lowest outcome in the 2023 general elections because people would be afraid of losing their lives.

According to him, nobody is above the government’s power unless it does not want to act.

He quoted former Nigerian Head of State, late General Sani Abacha, saying that “if a crisis persists in a society for more than 24 hours, the government has hands in it.”

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