No Job: Why You Should Try Selling Phone Accessories

Exploring the trade of selling phone accessories has come a long way, especially since the Global System for Mobile Communication, GSM, was introduced in Nigeria.

In considering the phone accessories business, what comes to mind is maintenance or repairs; just the same way we think of servicing our vehicles, generators, home appliances, and other related gadgets, the mobile phone is not an exception.

For the reasons mentioned above, this article will explore the Business of selling phone accessories and how profitable it is in a country like Nigeria, where phone enthusiasts exist.

And for those banking on the Federal Government to provide employment opportunity will be having second thoughts after reading this piece. Maybe the decision to start selling phone accessories would be on your to-do list.

Selling Phone Accessories

Over time, observations made by around the famous GSM Village, Wuse Market, Banex Plaza and UTC, not exempting various kiosk in the streets of Abuja, show that the trade of selling phone accessories is still on the rise, thereby making it a lucrative business venture.

Besides, what option is available whenever there is a case of a cracked screen, broken camera, corrupted memory card, spoilt earpiece, burnt charger, wrong USB cord, old body parts and any other component that comes to mind?

An individual with a faulty phone thinks about getting to the nearest phone accessories store to purchase the needed parts for the device to get it up and running again.

Does it take much to start this Business?

Selling Phone Accessories


Skill and the Requisite Knowledge:

Usually, when it comes to what it takes to start selling phone accessories, considering skill acquisition, not much is needed. To those in the Business, the skill required is to convince a customer while marketing the product.

Also, it is fitting to possess the requisite knowledge of every phone component, brand, size and everything related to the business to be effective in service delivery when customers place an order.



Of course, capital is the fuel that starts the engine of the business while regular patronage keeps it afloat. In a survey carried out while comparing several business sources, it was discovered that it takes a budget of N300,000 to N400,000 to start at a small scale but needs much more to establish a larger one.



Getting customers sometimes is difficult, mainly when a business venture has been in existence or is new but crowded. Fortunately, there is always a way out of every obstacle. In this Business, what is advisable to attract customers is to commence operations by informing persons closest to you.

Such people considered are close friends and families. You can embark on self-advertisement by approaching person to person and telling them of the new Business you’ve just started.

This method has proven to be effective as phone accessories’ dealers would say the same.



Any business that doesn’t witness growth after a while should be reappraised. In the selling of phone accessories, your trade is bound to capsize without commitment and customer satisfaction. The more you can please customers, the better it is for your Business, and with your Business in its best shape, the greater your profit margin becomes.

More profit means more products, more products means growth and expansion, so it’s recommended that you strive hard to adhere to all the required skills to maintain good customer relations.



After investing in a business, most people worry about getting returns, making a profit. This is the essence of why the Business was created in the first instance.

Personal interactions with phone accessories’ dealers have revealed that the spare parts are sold at a rate double the standard purchase price.

Take, for instance, a screen guard accessory, my personal experience with dealers has shown that the prices vary in different locations and can be influenced by the scale of the store or the product/brand in question.

While some sell and fix screen guards at the N500, others offer at the rate of N1000 or more, depending on the haggling ability of a buying customer.

On a general scale, the phone accessory business could be realising a daily sales of N10,000, with interest of about N5,000 to N6000.

In the long run, yields from this business can be invested in other similar areas like sales of computer accessories which we shall be taking a look at in our subsequent publication.

Join in the conversation by making an additional contribution to the ones we have mentioned thus far on why you should try selling phone accessories.

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