NIN Holders Set To Pay 15,000 Naira

Why NIN holders will have to pay 15,000 naira

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has said National Identification Number NIN holders will have to pay N15,000 to correct their dates of birth in the commission’s database.

Regional coordinator of the NIMC, Mrs Funmi Opesanwo, stated this at the commission’s office in Lagos State on Wednesday.

According to Mrs Opesanwo, NIN holders would be required to pay a processing fee of 5,000 naira for card renewal or card replacement, as well as an address modification fee of N500.

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She also reiterated that NIN enrolment is free, but card renewal, correction of date of birth, and change of address attract fees.

She sought to clarify that people often misconstrue the demands for payment for these services as a form of extortion or that the NIMC is asking them to pay outrageous fees. NShe insisted that those payments are for services.

Opesanwo further pointed out that the fees are payable to the Treasury Single Account of the Federal Government.

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