Nigeria’s Coronavirus Statistics for 10th to 16th May


Nigeria’s coronavirus cases for the past week of 10th May to 16th May shows an increase in cases from 4,150 confirmed cases to 5,621 confirmed cases of the deadly COVID-19 in the country.

From Sunday 10th May to 16th May, the country recorded 248, 242, 146, 182, 189, 288 and 176 cases in each of the days respectively, making it a total of 1,471 additional cases in a week. In that same period, there had been a total of 727 discharged patients of the coronavirus after they had tested negative for the coronavirus twice consecutively. Meanwhile, 48 people had died of the coronavirus also within the timeframe.

The date with the peak confirmed cases in the country is still at 386, with the country recording that figure of cases on the 8th May. The highest cases for this week was recorded on Friday, with 288 cases being reported. On Sunday 10th, 17 deaths were recorded, and this was the most significant number of deaths recorded in the week, with mortality being recorded daily. More encouraging is the amount of recoveries, with 152 cases discharged on the 16th.

Coronavirus Nigeria Test Samples
coronavirus test samples

Lagos remains the state having the highest number of COVID-19 cases, with a total of 2,373 of the cases in the country, representing slightly over 42% of the current confirmed cases in the country. Kano is the next state with the highest number of cases, after the state saw a dramatic surge in cases with 761 cases presently, representing about 13.5% of cases. FCT has approximately 7% of total coronavirus cases in the country with 397 cases reported.


The mortality rate in Nigeria with 176 deaths and 5,621 confirmed cases is at about 3% of the confirmed cases. With a higher 26% of the confirmed cases in the country recovered.

Coronavirus In The World
coronavirus affecting the world

Relating with other countries in the world’s cases, The United States of America has about a 6% mortality rate and a 22.5% recovery rate. In Europe, Spain has the highest number of cases, and a mortality rate of about 10% and a massive recovery rate of about 70%. The country in Africa with the highest number of cases is in South Africa, with a total of 14,355 confirmed cases, having a mortality rate of 1.8% and a recovery rate of 45%.

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