Nigerians React to Reality Star Koko’s Advice on Surgery

Following reality star Koko advice to women on enhancing their bodies for self-confidence, some Nigerians reacted as they disagreed with her.

Recall that Koko did a body enhancement last year, which sparked up reactions. Recently, while speaking to DadaBoy Ehiz in a podcast session, she stated that only poverty would make one say they can’t do surgery. 

The former BBnaija reality star further advised that women need to build their self-confidence and enhance their bodies if they can afford it.

Nigerians React to Reality Star Koko’s Advice on Surgery

As a result of her statement, there have been different reactions on social media. See some below,

Wunmi_wolferealtorsng: “There’s a very huge misconception that people who are not fans of plastic surgery just can’t afford it and that’s quite a preposterous and myopic thought.”

renaissancepolymath7: “What I heard was a lot of validation seeking ie when she enters a room bla bla… That’s not what confidence or self love is. I pray we all find it.”

somebody._lied: “It’s not about poverty… what interest you is what you pay attention to 😉😉.”

official_bobby_fredrick: “Because the society has made women so insecure about their looks ,most of them like their bodies the way it is but na peer pressure and talks dey make them borrow money to please us the audience…let the society stop indirectly or directly shaming bodies and you’d see plastic surgery gone into the wind 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️.”

tim_tech_electronics: “What a sickening mindset.”

queensusz: “I don’t agree to this, I can afford plastic surgery but I won’t alter my body. Stop this narrative pepeye.”

dezynas_palace_cakes: “It is lack of SELF CONFIDENCE that makes you people go for cosmetic surgery because if you love yourself the way you were created you won’t touch it but value it.”

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