Nigerians Leaving Ukraine Suffer Unbearable Fates in Poland

Nigerians leaving Ukraine have been suffering from different forms of maltreatment in Poland and are being rescued from such fates by the federal government.

The reasons for their departure is no news as many are attempting to escape the Russian invasion of Ukraine which thus far has claimed hundreds of lives in a fight that has been described as meaningless.

It was gathered that no fewer than nineteen Nigerias were detained by the Polish Authorities for illegally passing through their borders to find a safe haven from all the chaos caused by the Russians.

Reports further revealed that thirteen out the nineteen detainees have been released as the other five were said to have applied for asylum in Poland.

They were reportedly released following the intervention of the Nigerian Ambassador to Poland, Maj Gen Christian Ugwu, retired.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday by the spokesman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abdul-Rahman Balogun, quoted Ugwu as saying that one of the six in detention claimed he is a Cameroonian because the mother is from Cameroon.

“Unfortunately, the remaining five all applied for international protection (asylum) in Poland, including Igwe Ikechukwu Christian, who had been interviewed by some foreign media.” He said.

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