Nigerians Drag Nollywood Actor, Yemi Solade

Many Nigerians tongue-lash famous Nollywood actor Yemi Solade over his comment regarding the suspension of Twitter’s operation in Nigeria.

In a viral video, the Nollywood actor noted that Twitter went too far by insulting President Muhammadu Buhari and, by extension, Nigerians at large by deleting the President’s Tweet.

Yemi Solade stated that the action taken by Twitter trampled on the fundamental human rights of Nigerians, adding that it was not the first time the microblogging platform will do such a thing. The actor said there is a need to curb the white supremacist tendency.

According to him, there should be a rule to prevent any platform that people may use to foment trouble or project anarchy. He opined that the suspended microblogging platform did not help Nigeria curb the insecurity in some parts of the country.

Yemi Solade

Reacting to Yemi Solade’s view on the suspension of Twitter, many Nigerians expressed disappointment over his response, noting that he took such a stand to soothe the ears of his godfathers because of his interest in Politics.

Below are some of the comments regarding the actors’ position on the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria

iam___chychi “But Fb banned Trump from posting, and he made no noise about it. Some of you all are the major problems of this country cox you refused to speak the truth.

pinkylovesyou5 “No wonder his career is on full stop! plenty English no mean say you get sense

Meanwhile, the presidency has revealed the condition to lift the ban on the micro-blogging platform.

According to Geoffrey Onyeama, the Minister of Foreign affairs, the federal government would restore Twitter’s operations in Nigeria only if users are ready to use the platform responsibly.

During a meeting with some envoys, Onyeama said there is no definite timeline for the ban on Twitter. Onyeama added that the Nigerian government frowned at people using Twitter to destabilise and facilitate criminality.

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