Nigerians Divide Over Allegation Against Isa Pantami

In what many blamed on the effect of poverty among the masses, many Nigerians have made a U-turn over the allegations levelled against the Minister for Communications and Digital Economy, Mallam Isa Pantami.

Earlier, many Nigerians have called for the resignation and probe of the Minister over the report that he was on the US terrorist watch list and that he made some comments that portrayed him as a terrorist sympathizer some years back.

However, in what came as a rude shock to some Nigerians who demanded that the Minister be sacked, noting that he is unfit for public office, some people on Sunday joined the hashtag PantamiFeats and described him as someone who fits as a Minister.

While reacting to the trend, many tweep wondered why Nigerians, who had a few weeks ago called for the resignation of Isa Pantami under the hashtag Isapantamiresign makes a sudden U-turn after calling him a terrorist.

A tweep noted that the political class has seen through the masses, adding that they hand out a few stipends to divide Nigerians calling for their probe or resignation on few occasions when they feel like it.

Allegation Against Isa Pantami

Nigerians Divide Over Allegation Against Isa Pantami
Mallam Isa Pantami, Minister for Communications and Digital Economy.

Below are some of the reactions that trail people that describe Pantami as fit for public office.

@D_Alpha_Female “You see why I don’t waste my time on Nigerian politics. Most Nigerian youths on Twitter are just a bunch of hungry opportunist; with a small price, they will do a 360. They don’t want change; they want some change in their pockets. #PantanmiFeats.”

@adduruzzy “Some people aren’t ashamed for themselves, just a few days back you label him a terrorist sympathizer, and even create a #PantamiResign now you’re under #PantanmiFeats shamelessly; for asking for help, Poverty will make those people think irrelevant.”

@yufsco “It will take 1 million years for Nigeria to overcome these challenges, coz the poverty is itself is a bigger war than Boko haram and banditry. I stop praying for Nigeria; I pray only for myself now, to defeat poverty.

Meanwhile, the tweets observed by shows that some people were asked to trend the hashtag Pantamifeats to get paid in return.

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