Nigerians Cry Out as Strange Set of Security Men Begin Stop and Search

Nigerians and NDLEA SWAT

Nigerians are crying out as a strange set of security men have been sighted on Nigerian roads carrying out stop and search activities.

Pictures of some men with guns and and bullet-prove vest with “NDLEA SWAT” boldly printed on it have brought fresh worries for Nigerians.

The men were said to been involved in stopping motorists and checking their belongings including their phones.

A popular Nigerian social media influencer, Dr. Olufunmilayo made a tweet where he expressed serious concern about the officers bearing an unfamiliar name.

He also pointed out that they equipped themselves with guns and how they might be the new SARS officers deployed on Nigerian roads.

He wrote “Please what is NDLEA SWAT? They are on the road checking phones. They are on the road with guns. May God help us in Nigeria. So this is the new SARS now abi They gave them new jersey and labelled it NDLEA SWAT abi No wahala”

It would be recalled that Nigerians are yet to recover from the pains reported from police brutality, extortion and maiming.

At the time of filling this report it is unclear if the men seen in these pictures are from a newly formed arm of the Nigerian police or the NDLEA.

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