Its #TBT, let’s take a look at the Nigerian dressing that caught the eye many years ago. It is so thrilling to check out these styles that were in vogue in the last century and still trendy today. Nigerian traditional dressings have been unique from ages past. From the east, west, north, and south, men and women have been classy. From the pictures seen in the archives, a few additions have been added to what men and women used to adorn those days. Check out these collections of traditional dressings adorned by great Nigerian men. 

  • NORTH (HAUSA/FULANI): The main dressing of the people from this part of the country consists of robes (babariga), and caps (fula kube which can be worn with turban) for men. Check out this picture of ex-Prime Minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa in a flowing robe and fula kube. This picture is taken outside the shores of the country alongside a neatly dressed western woman. I guess President Muhammadu Buhari has worn the babariga better these days.
  • SOUTHEAST (IGBO): The Igbo traditional dressing includes the chieftaincy clothes, Isiagu top, Georgian wrapper, blouse, red-chief-cap, and beads as accessories. See this old picture of an Igbo monarch. The symbolic chieftaincy feathers are aloft on the double-cap seen here. The matching outfits have now been modernized. The Obi Onitsha has more gorgeous outfits these days.
  • SOUTHWEST (YORUBA): The Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria are stylish people from ages past. Yoruba men ceremoniously adorn agbada (a flowing robe), while the women adorn buba (top), iro (wrapper), and gele (head tie). See this cool couple photo shoot of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and H.I.D Awolowo. The Yoruba traditional dressing is well represented here. The damask head tie of the ex-Nigerian leader’s wife is gorgeous as well as the signature cap of the former Western region premier. 
  • SOUTH-SOUTH: Top on this collection is an old picture of former Nigerian Minister and his wife, Sir Okotie-Eboh. The Niger-Deltan hat, chieftaincy clothes, beads, and wrappers were well adorned by the politician and his wife. The flowing Georgian wrapper of Sir Okotie-Eboh which looks like a new bride’s gown will keep you in awe, not forgetting his stylish wife as well. I agree that Deputy Senate President, Ovie-Omo Agege won’t do better when compared.