Nigerian Preacher Buys Private Jet, Attack Critics

A Nigerian preacher named Gbenga-Samuel Wemimo of the Gbenga-Samuel Wemimo Ministry International has launched an attack on tweeps criticizing him for ordering his first Private Jet.

The Minister took to his Twitter page on Saturday to announce that man he healed of cancer gifted him money to order a Jet.

Wemimo wrote, “I ordered my first private jet yesterday. It will take two years to be built and delivered because I wanted it to be brand new.

“PS: Before you start crying “Pastors this, Pastors that”, note that I didn’t buy it with my money, I was encouraged to order it by a man I healed at the Gatwick Airport yesterday.”

He revealed that the mystery man he healed said to him, “You need to be able to reach the world in real-time and not wait here at the airport while your flight is delayed for hours.”

Pastor Gbenga-Samuel Wemimo Acquires Private Jet

Many of his followers were not pleased with the tweet as they expressed their displeasure, but the preacher would not have any of it as he took is time to hit back at them.

A tweep @Lbgobo wrote, “Elisha healed Naaman. Naaman gave him gifts, but he rejected it. What happened to you?”

The pastor responded, “When they were sharing wisdom, why didn’t you collect?”

@fun_bell wrote, “A man YOU healed??????? “Before you start crying” ???? We will be praying for you to find your way back to the cross brother.”

@NelOsuji tweeted, “Lol , all this long story to say I will be buying a private jet soon from the money and tithes I have raised from my congregation!”

@IamChelsma wrote, “You lost me at “a man I healed…” I didn’t know that Jesus already came for the second time, & he is you. You are correcting the wrong courses? Looks to me like you are playing the exact script that the others play, including the exact reason they give for buying Jets. Well done”

@DanielAdebanjo, “A man you healed or A man God healed through you? Preacher choose your words rightly.”

@Al_speedi wrote, “a man I healed” sounds like trying to take the glory sha. Congratulations.”

Responding to a tweep who congratulated and advised him to ignore trolls, he stated that he was in an engaging mood. 

“And I also wanted to block some people. I do that once every two weeks, in order to prune and grow better,” Pastor Wemimo added.

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