Nigerian Lawmaker Reveals Sources of Boko Haram’s Weapons

A Nigerian Lawmaker, Ali Ndume, has revealed the sources of Boko Haram’s weapons and ammunition.

The federal lawmaker, who is Chairman Senate Committee on Army, has revealed that the notorious terrorists got most of their weapons from the Nigeria Army.

According to him, during a television program, the sect stole most of the ammunition it uses to unsettle Nigeria from the army.

The Borno State lawmaker also exposed that Boko Haram also gets its weapons from other African countries like Libya and Chad.

Ndume, while answering questions, stressed that steal was the last result for the sect as a way of showing its desperation in controlling some territories in the Northeastern part of Nigeria.

Boko Haram has continued to terrorise Nigeria for almost a decade now, with many Nigerian citizens losing their lives, proved ones, property and means of livelihood.

The sect engages in bombings, kidnapping for ransom, maiming and killings in different parts of the country. Despite several promises by the past and present administrations, no government has been able to conquer the sect and provide security across the nation.

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