Nigerian Lady Talks Tough About DNA Paternity Test

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  • Nigerian lady insists men should take care of babies even if DNA says it's not theirs

A Nigerian lady identified as Vivian Rora has taken to social media to talk about the DNA paternity test.

According to the barrister, men must take Care of the baby their wives delivered even if DNA paternity test confirms their babies does not belong to them.

This is coming after a Nigerian banker lost his life over heartbreak. The Nigerian man identified as Tunde Thomas had fathered two kids which unknown to belonged to his wife’s boss.

This made the topic of DNA testing trend on social media platforms.

Vivian in her comment about the topic tweeted, “Men if DNA confirms the baby is not yours, it doesn’t change the fact that you must take responsibility of the baby.

Lady Tweet About The Dna Paternity Test
Lady tweet about the DNA paternity test

She stated that women go through a lot in marriage and deserve better.

Vivian in her tweet added that when men cheat and impregnate a woman, his wife will be told to forgive and endure, for this reason, every gender should be treated fairly.

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Meanwhile, another woman has come out to say that she would quit her marriage if her husband asks for DNA paternity test after giving birth.

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