Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal 2022: Knowing if You Qualify or Not

The Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal 2022 is not without the requirements for applicants that have taken their valuable time to complete the registration process and may have even gone through the screening process to come out triumphant among the 83RRI Shortlisted Candidates.

The first step to take to know if your name is on the list of those selected after the screening process or whether you were screened out of the recruitment is to quickly pay a visit to the official website of the Nigerian Army.

Here are the basic steps to knowing your fate after the assessment is completed:

  1. Visit ng.
  2. Scroll down.
  3. Click “View Successful List”
  4. Download the shortlist.
  5. Check your name.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal

Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal 2022: Knowing If You Qualify Or Not
Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal 2022: Knowing if You Qualify or Not

For those still finding it difficult to apprehend this simple process, kindly start by equipping yourself with a mobile phone that is internet enabled or get a laptop/computer with internet access, then open a browser, either google chrome, fire fox or opera.

The next step is to type in the website name for the Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal (Visit written boldly in the above paragraph and press ok or enter on your keyboard to allow the browser take you to the official website.

Once the site is opened carefully “Scroll Down” through the screen to look for a particular message instructing you on how to get the name of qualified applicants on the list.

The third step is for you to click on “View Successful List”, it will immediately give you an option to access the names of those selected to jump into the next phase of the process.

Next is download option will pop up, asking you to hit the button and get a pdf format of the shortlisted applicants through which you can peruse to see if your name is included or otherwise. Good Luck!

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