New Lockdown: President Buhari Sends Message To Nigerians

In a new statement by President, Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerians have been given a clear message: do what you have to do or face a new lockdown.

The message of the President on a new lockdown

The President has expressed concern over non-compliance reports with the Executive Order on regulations regarding wearing face masks and observing social distancing in public areas.

The President issued a warning to Nigerians to cooperate with his orders in order to avert a new lockdown of Nigeria.

But despite his new rule, President Buhari himself did not wear a mask at some points during his outing in his home town, Daura, Katsina State over the weekend.

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However, in a statement on Sunday, Garba Shehu, the President`s spokesman, said the Nigerian leader introduced the COVID-19 regulation with the best intentions and not with any motive to punish the people.

The Presidency called on state governments, traditional rulers and religious leaders to be active in sensitizing people and also with enforcement of the Executive order.

The Presidency also urged COVID-19 task forces and committees to persuade members of the public to cooperate with the government in achieving compliance and avoid crude or violent methods that may create resistance and resentment, thereby ruining the primary goal of the Executive Order.

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