NERC Denies “Misinformation” About Tariff Hike

NERC Denies a supposed 50% hike in electricity tariff

In a new development, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC denies stories that it has increased electricity tariffs by 50%.

In a statement, the NERC says that no approval was given for a tariff increase in the Tariff Order for electricity distribution companies that took effect on January 1, 2021.

It has dismissed the publications in some print and electronic media bearing this information, describing it as misinformation.

The commission has asked all forms of media that have disseminated this fake news of a 50% increase to retract their earlier publications that serve to misinform electricity consumers across the nation.

The commission further stated that it remains committed to protecting electricity consumers from delivery failure on committed service levels under the service-based tariff regime.

For consumers who might have suffered any rate increase beyond the provisions of the Tariff Order, the NERC has asked them to report to the commission on

Below is the statement of the NERC

Nerc Denies &Quot;Misinformation&Quot; About Tariff Hike
NERC Denies “Misinformation” About Tariff Hike
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