BBNaija 2020: Neo Sells Cloth, Sacrifices All BB Naira For Vee (video)

Neo, Kiddwaya and Vee

Neo and Kiddwaya are up to something as Vee moves closer to celebrating her birthday in a few hours time. Neo was shocked when Kiddwaya came to him for a bargain towards making his babe Vee have an awesome birthday celebration in the BBNaija lockdown house.

Kiddwaya called Neo and asked him if he would be ready to sell his black shirt to buy Vee a bouquet of flowers for her birthday tomorrow. The smile on the lover boy was amazing, signifying his interest he has in making Vee enjoy her day.

Remember that he asked Biggie earlier for a bouquet of flowers and a birthday greeting card for Vee on her birthday, but since Biggie has embarked on a vacation Kiddwaya has come to his rescue.

Kiddwaya also told him that his shirt would not be able to buy the birthday flower, therefore Neo should also be ready to forgo his one week BB naira plus the worth of his black shirt.

Neo hurriedly went into his drawer and brought out a black shirt giving it to the Head of House and he left with it. No on leaving the room ran to share the good news with Ozo and Prince.

Kiddwaya returned and gave him the good news that the black shirt and his one week BB naira were enough to get Vee a worthy bouquet of flowers.

It definitely going to be an awesome day for Vee when she finds out the gift and what her man did for her.

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