Nengi’s Fan Threatens Lucy for Support

Wars and banter between fans of BBNaija stars are being taken to another level as Nengi’s fan threatens Lucy over a pledge of support.

This episode came up after Nengi made a tweet about preferring to be referred to as smart instead of beautiful although she gets both compliments.

Nengi'S Fan Threatens Lucy For Support 1

As is the norm with the Ninja, the tweet attracted loads of confirmation and compliments to Nengi as her fans agreed that she is both beautiful and brains. Her colleague, Lucy Edet, also felt Nengi’s tweet rang true and decided to show her support by tweeting a wink emoji.

Nengi’s Fan Threatens Lucy

An unforgiving ninja wasted no time in threatening Lucy with the dreaded internet dragging, sighting the squabble between Lucy and Nengi in the BBNaija house. The Twitter troll names Atule wrote,

‘Lucy see eh we go drag you o lol. We never forget’

Maintaining her calm, Lucy dared her to do her worst when she responded, ‘Safe Dragging dear’

Nengi'S Fan Threatens Lucy For Support 2

Thankfully, the prospective troll was the only one thinking in that light as someone quickly jumped to Lucy’s defence.

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