Nengi Mocks IK Ogbonna Over Throwback Look

Reality Tv star turned actress Rebecca Hampson Nengi mocks IK Ogbonna, her Nollywood colleague, over his throwback look.

Just hours ago on Instagram, Nengi teased Ik after he posted a hilarious photo of his younger self online.

The actor foresaw the mockery he would receive concerning that picture and said a prayer in his caption while posting the picture on Instagram. He wrote,

“Dear lord, Touch the heart of my followers, May they look at this picture in peace and not laugh, May their heart be filled with understanding. Most importantly, may the bloggers look and pass. Thank you, Lord.

Nengi Mocks Ik Ogbonna Over Throwback Look 1

Nengi Mocks IK Ogbonna online

It looks like IK’s prayer did not extend to Nengi and some other colleagues as they mocked him mercilessly for his sense of style then. Nengi commented;

“No.. this cannot be my Baddo.. Chai sufferhead is not good o”

Nengi Mocks Ik Ogbonna Over Throwback Look 2

Nengi and IK Ogbonna have been working on a movie set for a while, and they seem to have bonded quite well, judging from the jokes they share.


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