Nengi Gets In Trouble For Bragging

BBNaija finalist Hampson Rebecca Nengi gets in trouble with her fans after making an innocent tweet to reassert herself.

Social media trolls had a field day dragging Nengi after she gave out a subtle warning to naysayers and probably some of her colleagues who had a habit of undermining her. She tweeted,

”I may be small but I’m Mighty….”

Nengi In Gets Trouble Over New Tweet

Instead of motivating the people, this tweet caused a stir as the internet felt she was back bragging again. See some of the tweets below;

@Preciou0593285 –“If you are mighty, then God is what? Pride goes before a fall. Always learn to give glory to God and not yourself.”

@AlexObiowei – “Correction: you may be small but God is mighty.”

@Honcho001 – “What are we supposed to do with this piece of information?”

@Sonia205158 – “Maybe after Erica got verified on Twitter Aunty just want to calm herself down Only those who understands the small And mighty”

Nengi Gets In Trouble For Bragging 1
Nengi Gets In Trouble For Bragging

Recall that months ago, Nengi was also dragged on the streets of the internet for calling herself the ‘Blueprint’.

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