Ned Nwoko Opens up on Divorce From Moroccan Wife

Former House of Representative Member Ned Nwoko has finally opened up on his separation from his Moroccan Wife, Laila Charani.

Jaruma earlier suggested that Laila left the marriage because his actress wife Regina Daniels used ‘Kayamata’ product to keep the businessman.

The British trained lawyer took to his Instagram page to share the statement from his media team denying the claim, tagging the speculation “baseless and laughable.”

Ned took a jab at Jaruma’s marriage, noting that despite being married to a younger man, which produced a child, how come did the marriage not last more than one year if her ‘Kayamata’ does wonders as she claimed.

Laila Maltreated my Kids – Ned Nwoko

On what led to the separation, the statement read, “The truth is that the marriage degenerated to irreconcilable differences rooted in indecent conducts on the part of Laila which started whilst she was on holiday in London.”

Laila was accused of having abandoned the children when they got to the UK, refusing to spend on the kids despite Ned providing and sponsoring the whole trip.

Ned added that she did plastic surgery without his consent and then went clubbing, where she eventually got the Coronavirus.

He stated that the minors’ kids accrued damages up to 7000 pounds in their hotel suite before allowing them access to their rooms to get their belongings just because Laila abandoned them.

Ned Nwoko Opens Up On Divorce From Moroccan Wife
Laila and the Kids going on a Trip

Ned added that Laila was always on the phone with a strange man, whom she allegedly met physically in London during her trip, just for Ned to discover that they have been in a relationship since January 2021 after meeting via the Internet.

According to Laila’s lawyer, she met with the man in a hotel where he was working.

He claimed Laila had an issue with the said man, which involved the Police and Laila hiring a lawyer, of which Ned Nwoko never heard anything of till the moment.

Though the statement suggested that Laila denied the relationship, her only defence was claiming that somebody “set her up”.

“When she returned to Nigeria from the UK, Ned Nwoko refused to see her and instead asked her to leave, as he could not condone her indiscretions anymore.” the statement read.

“These clarifications had become necessary as Laila had continually played the victim in the open, while indeed she is the aggressor-” It added.

Finally, Ned Nwoko Media directorate debunks any connection between the entire Nwoko family and Jaruma products, adding that “he bears no blame on the widely reported divorce issue with Laila.”

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